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Hanan Salman and Rosemarie Guadalupe share the secret to becoming truly successful

Success to me is being able to live life on my terms and have the opportunity to do something I love every day and be financially compensated for it.

Hanan Salman and Rosemarie Guadalupe (courtesy)
Hanan Salman and Rosemarie Guadalupe (courtesy)

To some, success entails little more than the material trappings that wealth can bring, such as a big house, an even bigger bank balance, fast cars, luxury holidays, and designer wardrobes. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting the good life and enjoying the fruits of your labor, there are some for whom the nature of success is far more profound and complex. Beauty expert and make-up artist Hanan Salman and renowned model and Instagram star Rosemarie Guadalupe are both hugely successful in their respective fields. Yet, ask any one of them, and they’ll tell you that the true secret to their success is all about perspective.

“Success to me is being able to live life on my terms and have the opportunity to do something I love every day and be financially compensated for it,” revealed Hanan Salman. “Thankfully, I am at a point in life where that is possible. It was a long, hard road to get here, but there was never a doubt in my mind I was going to do anything different with my life. I think that to be successful in any field, you have to truly be passionate about what you’re doing. If your motivation is strictly financial, you’ll never find what I would describe as true success.”

Rosemarie Guadalupe elaborated, “Coming from a background in mental health, I realized that true happiness comes from within, and the same applies to success. I view success as a state of mind and an extremely personal attribute, as opposed to anything that manifests itself externally. In other words, true success doesn’t equate to a big yacht or a diamond ring; it comes from being true to yourself and knowing what you want from life. As far as I am concerned, you may not have a penny to your name, but if you are happy and fulfilled, then you are every inch a success. The secret to success is to find out what makes you content and brings you joy and then simply to go for it.”

Both Hanan Salman and Rosemarie Guadalupe agree that the motivation born from hard times and a personal desire to succeed are driving factors in how successful you’ll be. Yet, as Salman explained, “It’s not enough to be motivated and ambitious; you’ve got to be sure that the road you’re on is the right one for you.” Rosemarie Guadalupe added, “I completely agree. So many people will never be successful because they’re not following their hearts. If I could give anyone any advice, that would be to always listen to your heart.”

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