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How a strong community and mentors helped Ismael Ngoie on his road to becoming a CEO

It was there he took the risk to change his path and start his own company. Just as he expected, things weren’t easy when he chose to make this significant change in the trajectory of his life.

Ismael Ngoie (courtesy)
Ismael Ngoie (courtesy)

No matter how educated you are, you still can’t know everything. If made to take on a new environment, you would undoubtedly struggle. So to overcome the challenges, you will have to eventually rely on other people who know more and have more experience. This is where trusted mentors and a positive community come on the scene.

One renowned entrepreneur, not only on Facebook and Instagram but as a leader in his industry, is Ismael Ngoie. Before he attained his current level of success, he admits to facing many challenges. He wouldn’t have overcome these challenges if not for his friends and mentors. According to him, there’s no reason to feel bad when you’re asking for help and support from others.

Before pursuing entrepreneurship, Ismael took up computer science in a college in Utah. Although the career choice has always been interesting for him, he couldn’t help but feel something was missing.

So while in school, he ensured he explored other areas of specialty outside the course he was studying.

Ismael had hoped to work as a Computer Scientist when he graduated but fate had other ideas. When he finished schooling, jobs were had to come by. This was because It was April 2020—a time where most of the world was on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After months of searching, Ismael would move to Florida Tampa, when he secured a job. The job was unrelated to his field of study, and so Ismael had to adapt to a new environment, as well as a new job.

It was there he took the risk to change his path and start his own company. Just as he expected, things weren’t easy when he chose to make this significant change in the trajectory of his life.

Traveling to a different continent means having to face differences in culture and language, meeting new people despite these barriers, and finding companions that he could trust. It was very difficult for Ismael, which is why he’s always thankful for meeting trustworthy friends and mentors who were patient with him.
Ismael started an endeavor in a field where he had to start from the bottom. Having to learn the ins and outs of his new career despite all the obstacles he was already facing as an immigrant was stressful but life-changing. He faced numerous failures, rejections, mockery, and disappointment. However, he still refused to quit, and with the support from his friends and mentors, he was able to overcome all obstacles.

Currently, Ismael is still running an online retail startup company selling high-quality clothing products that he designed and developed. The business is known as Wotzel, and it’s steadily gaining influence on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

Ismael is also one of the founders of the Young Congolese Professional Network (YCPN). The mission of this non-profit organization is to help young people from the Democratic Republic of Congo in their endeavors. He feels a strong connection with this project because he knows the feeling of helplessness that hardworking people go through because of limited opportunities.

It is easy for people to feel discouraged and want to give up because they assume there’s no way for them to reach their dreams. Ismael wishes to be the person who brings hope to his fellow Congolese. He couldn’t have made it as a successful business CEO if not for his community and mentors. Therefore, he wants to offer the same assistance and support to other people.

Ismael Ngoie can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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