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How Jonathan Seller is helping people create profitable passive income streams

Jonathan values his personal happiness. So many people live focused on what they don’t have and miss out on all the blessings they have right in front of them.

Jonathan Seller (courtesy)
Jonathan Seller (courtesy)

Jonathan Seller has had a very clear mission for most of his life. He wants to empower people to do what God has called them to be and give back to the community. In fact, he has tailored his educational and career choices to that passion. He enrolled in college for a bachelor’s degree in theology and attained a master’s in the same field.

After college, Jonathan started his career in Christian Ministry as a full-time worship pastor. For over a decade, he led worship teams, built a church, and released multiple albums. Then, in 2017, he took a leap of faith and left the ministry to pursue his other passion, entrepreneurship.

Jonathan started his entrepreneurial journey by making YouTube videos for Purple Mattress. Soon, he became popular as “The Mattress Guy” on YouTube and started making 6 figures in affiliate commissions. Meanwhile, he founded his digital marketing company, SecondTri Media, which soon became his primary source of income. Eventually, he was able to move off of the salary of being on staff of a church to generating his own income from his business ventures.

His first move was identifying a way of investing his money. He studied stocks and crypto and then invested most of the money he was making from his digital marketing company. Before long, his money started making him more money, and he graduated to the big leagues as a multimillionaire though he doesn’t flash it online. Armed with enough knowledge, he made it his business to help others create passive income streams for themselves. That’s when the idea to start FB Auto Pilots was born.

At FB Auto Pilots, Jonathan and his team help their clients create, grow, and manage their e-commerce stores. He walks his clients through the journey from their initial questions to get daily sales on Facebook Marketplace. Unlike Amazon or Walmart, Jonathan predicts that Facebook Marketplace will have far less risk. It will also provide an incredible opportunity to generate weekly cash flow for investors.

At the core of everything he does is values. To him, honesty and integrity matter more than numbers. While selling remains crucial, he has made it a rule to never put profits above his clients. He measures his success against the amount of money he has generated for his clients. While others in the industry concentrate on material things, like flaunting their Lamborghinis in their marketing videos, his attention remains firmly on adding value to his clients.

In addition to that, Jonathan values his personal happiness. So many people live focused on what they don’t have and miss out on all the blessings they have right in front of them. Even though he admits making a lot of money is good, he also admits that money doesn’t necessarily make you happier. A lot of money usually comes with a lot of stress, like managing both employees’ and clients’ expectations. To be truly happy, Jonathan advises people to find what is right for them. Copying what others are doing will only exhaust you in the long run.

Currently, Seller is looking for more ways of helping as many people as possible attain their financial goals. His short-term goal is to help 1,000 clients become financially free through his companies’ services while at the same time creating hundreds of jobs for people in the Philippines where most of his staff is located.

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