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How Lifestyle Miami is raising the bar and redefining the industry in 2021. Sponsored Content

Most brands are created from a need to make money and usually provide no more than one or two products or services.

Lifestyle Miami
Lifestyle Miami

Most brands are created from a need to make money and usually provide no more than one or two products or services. Few brands can say that they were built to help their community and fulfill the needs of thousands. Lifestyle Miami, a community page that was created in 2014 has grown from being a source of support and information for the Miami population into a brand that is now raising the bar and redefining the industry.

Created to give the people of Miami a voice to share their colorful events and activities, Lifestyle Miami now shares the goings-on in Miami globally through its website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Lifestyle Miami has been able to become a leader in its industry while also redefining it because it is run by people who are passionate about their community and what they can offer it. Lifestyle Miami does more than just share news of events happening in the city, the brand now organizes community events from beach clean-ups to dog adoption days. 2021 promises to elevate the brand higher within its industry with plans for new collaborations and events that aim to both give back to the community of Miami and boost tourism for the city. Throughout 2020, Lifestyle Miami stepped up to support the community as it dealt with the effects of the pandemic. To help businesses shoulder the burden, they offered free advertising to all Miami-based businesses and used their platform to elevate the voice of those most affected in the community. Lifestyle Miami has teamed up with non-profits like Aid for Dade which provides the homeless of Miami with access to hot meals and showers. The brand has plans to further expand its reach and influence in 2021 with new collaborations and events.

Miami resident and entrepreneur Miguel Zulueta set up the Lifestyle Miami Instagram page in April 2014 as a passion project, a way to share his love of the city while also bringing its inhabitants together. Cut to 2021 and the Lifestyle Miami Instagram page has surpassed one million followers and continues to grow. Miguel Zulueta has built up the Lifestyle Miami brand while also building up the strength and morale of the 305 community. Lifestyle Miami’s team-up with advertising agency Heyday Marketing has expanded the marketing landscape in Miami, promising a new and streamlined way to help local businesses and beyond reach an audience.

Courtesy of Lifestyle Miami

By creating a place for a community to come together and share their events and endeavors, the Lifestyle Miami brand has raised the bar and looks set to continue growing in 2021.

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