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How Matthias Aumann overcame the setbacks on his journey to success

Matthias Aumann learned from recurring mistakes within the industry and decided to share his experience with fellow entrepreneurs

Sunil Matthias Aumann
Sunil Matthias Aumann

Matthias Aumann learned from recurring mistakes within the industry and decided to share his experience with fellow entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives, which later turned into a successful revenue generator.

Matthias entered the market at age 23 and founded his first company, the Aumann:grün AG, a gardening and landscaping business, in 2012.

He was well aware of how modern infrastructure lacked space for full-fledged gardening and soon he realized that customers desire a countryside greenspace for their modern-day backyards. He saw a huge opportunity and invested in a business model, serving what he thought were his customers’ wants and needs.

However, a less experienced Matthias Aumann received a huge setback. Customers wouldn’t commit and his employee turnover was huge. The disappointment was tremendous but he couldn’t quite work out what was going wrong. 

Not wanting to give up, he invested in expensive advertising and marketing agencies that focused on offline marketing and created handouts and magazine/newspaper creatives for his company.

Nothing seemed to work.

During the following months, Matthias Aumann started reading more and more about marketing, communication and advertising and soon he realized that his major mistake was not his business idea in general, but the lack of knowledge of his customers’ needs and wants.

Knowing that, he started studying the behavior of his target audience and looked into their interactions, what mediums they use and what habits they have.

Turned out this was exactly what he needed to do in order to achieve entrepreneurial success.

What started as his passion now turned into a whole mission. He cracked the ideal way to market a business and implemented his strategy in his landscaping business with huge success. His company flourished and he strongly believed that his strategy works not only for his niche but for each and every company on the market. He knew that most business owners are just as passionate about their companies as he was and that they would invest their last dime into their company. That is the reason he decided to help them achieve their goals, just as he achieved his. 

Now, the team of Mission Mittelstand, under his supervision, helps managers, entrepreneurs, and medium-sized businesses in establishing a fail-proof approach. In his book, “Nicht Schulklug Sondern Straßenschlau,” he shares his roadmap to success.


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