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How to move forward in the face of adversity, as per Robert Nickell and Van Taylor

It’s normal to feel you’ll never get to spread your wings after you’ve experienced something difficult.

Van Taylor & Robert Nickell (Courtesy)
Van Taylor & Robert Nickell (Courtesy)

If you grew up in a difficult situation or have faced something terrible, it can be incredibly difficult to bounce back and start pursuing your dreams. Adversity can make your life unbearable until you’re able to escape and try something new. Both Robert Nickell and Van Taylor have experienced adversity, and want to help other people prevail over it.

Robert Nickell is the founder and CEO of Rocket Station. The company helps businesses hire new employees and outsource difficult tasks. Nickell started out his entrepreneurial journey as a realtor and real estate investor. However, he quickly found himself working 18 hours a day and never having any time for his family or friends. “I knew things would never get better unless I changed my business model,” Nickell says. “I started hiring family and friends to help me, but I began blaming them when tasks weren’t done exactly as I wanted. In the end, I realized that I wasn’t being a very good leader.” So, Nickell outsourced these tasks to more qualified people, which greatly increased his productivity. “Now I can work for myself without facing the same adversity that I encountered originally,” he says. “I also get to help others find employees who they can depend on, which is a great feeling.”

Van Taylor spent 10 years working in corporate organizations before starting his journey as an entrepreneur. “I thought I would never get out of the rat race,” says Taylor. “I wasn’t making enough money, and I wasn’t enjoying myself. I knew something had to change.” One of Taylor’s passions is helping other Black people establish their own businesses, so he began working to make their dreams come true. Now, he owns a seven-figure business focusing on just that. “Many Black people feel like working as an entrepreneur isn’t possible because of their backgrounds and previous hardships,” he says. “I wanted to show them that it’s possible to live your dreams.”

It’s normal to feel you’ll never get to spread your wings after you’ve experienced something difficult. However, Robert Nickell, Van Taylor, and their clients have shown that it’s more than possible to start your own business and make money irrespective of your past.

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