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Is Passover Really Two Holidays in One?

Dan and Lex explore how this approach, supported by the Biblical text, may help us find meaning in the latter days of the holiday.

Dan and Lex have a PSA: Passover, in the bible, is two holidays! Not one. You’ve been conned! Or… ya know… Jewish history is interesting and one of the holidays in a sense “swallowed” the other over time. But also, maybe you’ve been CONNED. (See this article by Michael Satlow for a more in-depth explanation).

In any event, Dan and Lex are curious what we might create, if we conceived of the holiday(s) of Passover and Chag HaMatzot (“Matzah Festival”) as potentially two different things (as they initially were in the Bible). How might this help us find meaning in the latter days of the holiday(s), which do not contain a seder? Listen here:

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