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John Guaman, a 24-year-old online entrepreneurial genius, shares a few pieces of advice to aspiring young entrepreneurs. Sponsored Content

He has attained massive success as an entrepreneur and investor and now is working towards starting his own charity to impact more lives.

Courtesy of John Guaman
Courtesy of John Guaman

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people, the emergence of youngsters in the business world and their rise to the top has made the most headlines. This is truly amazing to learn as these youngsters know how to turn challenges into opportunities and make the best out of them that can lead them towards becoming more learned and professional. John Guaman from the US is one such young talent who has spellbound industry people and the world with his versatility and his hunger to create his unique niche in the online trading and entrepreneurial world.

The online marketing space was something that he felt a close inclination to, and so for the last 5 years, he has been working relentlessly in the same, creating milestones with generating tens of millions of dollars in sales in the online industry and clear multiple 7 figures. He says that it is his goal to help hundreds of others to do the same. In the process, he has already helped a couple of dozen so far. The investing space has attracted him, and hence today, he owns real estate and has built a great crypto portfolio.

John Guaman shares a few pieces of advice to other youngsters to make it great in the entrepreneurial world. He says that the biggest tip is to trust the process. The process may come with different challenges, but having a positive mindset and working with a set goal can help individuals overcome those hurdles. They must know that they will get paid for the results they provide and not the time they put in. The process may also take longer to reach fruition and be harder as well, but it will also prepare them for the future, where they will be able to close a deal in minutes. He opines, “Entrepreneurship is a game of delayed gratification. Get used to that concept and understand that you are like a farmer in business. Planting as many seeds as possible in order to reap a harvest.”

John Guaman cleared his first million at the age of 23 and now has built an online business with thousands of customers. Apart from that, he has earned a great name as a top affiliate for an online trading and entrepreneur academy. The youngster also wants to impact more lives and hence is working upon his charity named Life By Design Foundation.

John Guaman looks unstoppable in all that he has chosen to do and aims to do in the future. Find out more through Instagram @johnbguaman.

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