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Kinan Salameh Lists the Two Greatest Enemies of Success

Though he was born with only one arm, Kinan Salameh has been reaching for the stars ever since he was just 17 years old.

Courtesy of Kinan Salameh
Courtesy of Kinan Salameh

Though he was born with only one arm, Kinan Salameh has been reaching for the stars ever since he was just 17 years old. Self-employed from this age, he is an entrepreneurial prodigy. Now 26 and a millionaire, Salameh’s empire consists of online marketing, real estate, and consulting companies.

Kinan Salameh’s most recent venture, Scan2Get, is an innovative startup that uses modern tech to generate more sales for the catering industry. Identifying a gap in the market, Salameh set out to revolutionize Germany’s culinary landscape with a service that would bring in more customers and a greater sense of accomplishment to these businesses.
Founded in 2019, Scan2Get became a marketing powerhouse with 400 employees over the course of a year. Today, Kinan Salameh’s startup has over 700 customers and more than 200 partners. While he describes his work as simple and efficient, Salameh handles millions of dollars in sales. As the managing director of 6 different companies, he makes sure that money is directed to the optimal marketing strategy and the right sales team.

Though he does have a college education, Kinan Salameh is mainly self-taught. By utilizing the endless resources on the internet and social media, such as Instagram Marketing, Facebook ads, YouTube, and shoutouts, Kinan Salameh turned his passion into profits. Giving up was never an option for Salameh, and his confidence continues to grow every day. As he builds teams, revenues, and partnerships, he looks to make a significant impact on other people’s lives and businesses.

Kinan Salameh feels that as an entrepreneur, you should think of your business 24 hours a day. This applies even when you are sleeping. Moreover, he does not consider what he does as “working” as it is an extension of his passion.

Being the hard worker that he is, it is no surprise that Salameh considers procrastination to be the nemesis of success. His advice to fledgling entrepreneurs and the mantra he follows is the famous Nike slogan: “Just do it!” Salameh also cautions people against overthinking, as this too can be a downfall in business. Salameh’s mind moves as quickly as the rest of him. He does not overthink but can make informed, calculated decisions on the fly.

Kinan Salameh is well on his way to achieving his goals of 100,000 worldwide partners and a net worth of $500 million. After all, this serial entrepreneur gets what he wants, and he isn’t afraid to put in the hard work to make it happen.

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