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Leshem: Shomron’s best kept housing secret

More than 100 families are now living in Leshem with plans for a 700-family strong community in the coming few years

613 Summit Corp. (photo: Courtesy)
613 Summit Corp. (photo: Courtesy)

Think of Judea and Samaria (Shomron), the Biblical regions of the West Bank and most likely the first thing that springs to mind is political strife and negative news headlines. However, there is another entirely different story taking place in this region which is rarely seen. In a quiet corner of Western Shomron, you will find an alternative reality, where Israeli families enjoy an outstanding quality of life just minutes from the heartbeat of Israel’s commercial, cultural and economic life. Leshem is proof that you can have it all.

This new community was established in 2013 when 72 families made it their home. More than 100 families are now living in Leshem with plans for a 700-family strong community to blossom in this picturesque location during the coming few years.

One of Israel’s fastest growing communities

It is easy to see exactly why Leshem has become one of Israel’s fastest growing communities. Situated on the charming Samarian hilltops, nestled among groves of olive trees, Leshem is a haven of fresh air and serenity. And yet, the location is also as convenient as it gets, just a short distance for most residents to reach the hustle and bustle of work. Leshem is only a 25 minute drive from Tel Aviv, 45 minutes by road from Jerusalem and 10 minutes from Route Six, Israel’s cross-country toll highway. The pressures of a hard day’s work though seem a million miles away from the quiet of Leshem, where the breath-taking view stretches from the coastal line and Tel Aviv vista to the west to the scenic hills of Judea in the east.

Affordable top quality homes

In central Israel’s notoriously expensive housing market, it is rare to find affordable top quality homes ideally located for commuters. Yet the housing being developed in Leshem caters for all budgets, from smart apartments to spacious houses with an accompanying large yard. Making the housing market more accessible to young couples has been a recent heated topic of debate in Israel.  According to Gershon Masika, Head of the Samaria Regional Council, the extremely quick growth in demand is partly down to Leshem’s proximity to the center of the country where housing costs are typically high. It enables “tens of thousands of residents to live in a high quality, green environment, while working in central Israel.” At the same time, says Masika residents from across the country are flocking to the area because it is “a great place to raise a family and children. It’s a place full of life,” making Leshem a doubly attractive prospect.

Growing potential

And it is perhaps this dual attraction which holds the key to fulfilling Leshem’s undoubted potential. Local residents have made Leshem their home with the exciting prospect of seeing their family grow and prosper in tandem with the new development. This is fuelled by a warm sense of community which is often hard to find in today’s non-stop world. The annual summer hike and local basketball team are just two examples of the thriving communal spirit in Leshem. At the same time, purchasing a property in Leshem also makes sound financial sense. While the wider real estate market is largely out of reach for many, Leshem remains accessible. This is a growing community with room to expand and there is every reason to think that demand will continue to intensify. Home-buyers today should see prices rise steadily, making Leshem both a welcoming home and a prudent purchase.

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