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Lifesaving emergency “Ambucycle” to be named by the general public

Bikey McBikeface (Photo credit: Courtesy of United Hatzalah)
Bikey McBikeface (Photo credit: Courtesy of United Hatzalah)

United Hatzalah, the Israeli volunteer-based emergency medical services organization, has launched a new campaign to name their next lifesaving “ambucycle”, an emergency motorcycle. Following the recent buzz on social media surrounding the vehicle “Bikey McBikeface,” which joined the organization’s fleet in 2017, the organization is seeking a unique and memorable name for its latest addition.

Bikey McBikeface was named in honor of Yoni Jesner, a Scottish 19-year-old who lost his life in a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv in 2002. Jesner’s friends raised funds to donate the vehicle in his memory and chose the quirky name, inspired by the humorous name of a British research vessel that captured international attention, Boaty McBoatface.

Bikey McBikeface has served as a valuable asset to United Hatzalah, helping its various drivers save many lives over the past six years. However, with the vehicle nearing retirement age, the organization is calling on supporters to donate and submit their name ideas for the new ambucycle that will carry on Bikey’s, and Yoni’s legacy.

Donors who contribute to the campaign can suggest a name, with the final choice to be determined by a public vote. The campaign is designed to both support United Hatzalah’s lifesaving mission and to engage with supporters who want to contribute to the organization’s important work.

United Hatzalah’s ambucycles, equipped with lifesaving medical equipment, are staffed by volunteer first responders who can quickly reach those in need of emergency medical care by cutting through traffic and driving through narrow paths that ambulances and cars cannot traverse. The organization is inviting people from all over the world to participate in the campaign by submitting their name idea and making a tax-deductible donation. Supporters can submit a name in honor of a loved one or simply make a fun and creative contribution to the campaign. The winning name will be announced after the full amount has been raised and the public vote has taken place. The person whose name is chosen by the popular vote will also get the opportunity to submit a dedication text that will be placed on the ambucycle as well.

United Hatzalah’s lifesaving work is critical to the well-being of communities across Israel. The organization’s volunteer EMTs, paramedics, and doctors provide free emergency medical care to anyone, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, with an average response time of three minutes throughout the country. Over the 17 years since the organization has been providing service, they have helped more than 5 million people. The new ambucycle, with its memorable name, will be a vital asset in continuing this life-saving mission.

To make a donation and submit a name for consideration please click here

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