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Manuel Sanchez lists 3 reasons why you must depend only on yourself

“I started studying initially through free sources like YouTube or blogs. The first real results came after I flew to America to work with my mentor.

Courtesy of Manuel Sanchez
Courtesy of Manuel Sanchez

Trading is perceived as one of the most lucrative professions. While the concept of trading is easy to understand, there are millions of intricacies involved in successful trades, and they can’t be casually picked up. Most traders who lack proper education lose money.

What initially fascinated Manuel Sanchez about trading was all the opportunities that this profession offers. Sanchez is a professional trader with more than eight years of experience and 5,000 successfully completed deals under his belt. He started trading back in 2012 while simultaneously working on becoming a professional cyclist. Unfortunately, Sanchez wasn’t able to succeed in cycling, so he devoted himself to trading entirely.

“I started studying initially through free sources like YouTube or blogs. The first real results came after I flew to America to work with my mentor. My real success came a few years later. Learning the ins and outs of trading does take some time, but it pays off in the long run,” Sanchez says.

After establishing himself as one of the most prominent traders in Italy, Sanchez founded Kobra Team, a group of trading experts who are dedicated to teaching and supporting aspiring traders, in 2019. One of the first lessons he teaches all of his students has nothing to do with trading, though.

“The first lesson I teach my students is a life lesson. My experience has taught me to never depend on others and to always listen to my intuition,” Sanchez says.

The Secret to Success Is Your Mindset

Sanchez believes the only tool needed for success is the right mindset.
“As a trader, you have to be objective and rely on your rational thinking, not what others advise or recommend. If you start a business, you have to set goals and work to reach them. You have to be focused and not let others get in the way. Passion, drive, desire. You have all the tools needed to leave your mark,” Sanchez says.

Help From Others Will Only Get You So Far

Sanchez advises all beginner traders to seek help from those who are more experienced. But, as he says, no one can succeed if they rely on support from others too much.

“Trading takes time, dedication, and a lot of work. This is the only way to achieve success, and not just in trading. You need to learn from serious people who have made trading their profession. In the beginning, you need support and education, but how far you go remains entirely up to you,” Sanchez says.

When You Rely on Yourself, You At Least Have to Try

Starting a business or making a first trade is undoubtedly a scary undertaking, but Sanchez believes that people should face their fears on their own, not by asking someone to do it with them or for them.

“Being on your own will make you step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you will succeed. Other times you will fail. But don’t let failure discourage you. It is inevitable, and we all should learn how to grow through failure,” Sanchez says.
No one needs to get started from scratch, though; the Kobra Team official website is there for initial help. They offer plenty of free materials that can help anyone get started with trading.

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