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Mike Sancho shares his insights on building a legacy that spans generations

Helping people can be a great way to develop your own legacy. They’ll be able to make money to support themselves, and when they pass away, that money will go to their descendants.

Mike Sancho (Courtesy)
Mike Sancho (Courtesy)

It’s difficult to make something new that will be remembered long after you die. Your legacy is important, although it can be difficult to predict. Mike Sancho believes that his impact will be felt for years to come, and he wants to explain how it’s possible for you to do that, too.

Mike Sancho is the CEO of Wealth Accelerators, which helps entrepreneurs establish their online drop shipping businesses through Amazon. His customers are able to take home tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, making a huge change in their lives. “I’m proud to help people start their journey into making passive income online,” Mike Sancho said. “I think these entrepreneurs will be able to succeed for a long time, maybe even after I’m gone.” Helping people can be a great way to develop your own legacy. They’ll be able to make money to support themselves, and when they pass away, that money will go to their descendants, making a positive impact on their lives, too. “Making an investment into your future can have a huge impact on your life,” he said. “It can be felt for generations, allowing your family to have financial flexibility and start their own businesses. When you build generational wealth, you set your children and their children up for success.”

Mike Sancho stresses that the path to creating his legacy hasn’t been easy. He was expelled from high school and college, and he was arrested several times before he decided to turn his life around. “I knew I wasn’t making the impact I wanted to,” Sancho said. “I was wasting my life. I wanted to change the world and other peoples’ lives, and I wasn’t doing that.” He was able to start several extremely profitable businesses, each making over six figures, but they were eventually shut down. Many people would have given up at this phase, but quitting isn’t in Mike Sancho’s vocabulary. “I have an extremely strong work ethic, and I’m willing to bounce back after failure,” he said. “I wanted to develop a legacy for myself, and no matter how hard it was, I wanted to reach my goals.”

Ever since he was young, Sancho knew he had entrepreneurship in his blood. He worked several service jobs while he was starting his career, and they didn’t inspire him. “I wanted to do something unique that had never been done before,” Mike Sancho said. “I knew I could change the world. It just took a few tries to get there.” Now, he’s developing his legacy even further. He plans to start investing in apartment buildings where people can live while they reach their own dreams. His other future business ventures include Turo Automation and Airbnb automation. Since he’s only 28, he has tons of time to do even more and follow his dreams.

If you want to create a legacy, you need to get out there and try to create something unique. When it’s profitable and helping the world, you’ll know that you’ve reached success.

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