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New at Kupat Ha’ir

The Tzedakah Fund of the Gedolei Hador

The Gedolei Hador place their trust in Kupat Ha’ir. They have many good reasons to do so. One of them is…

At Kupat Ha’ir, every step is taken in accordance with the decision of the rabbinical committee. Every step is in accordance with da’as Torah. Every question is forwarded to the Gedolei Hador, shlit”a.

Every shekel spent by Kupat Ha’ir is approved with the signatures of the members of the rabbinical committee and backed by the signatures of the Gedolei Hador, shlit”a, at the end of every fiscal year.

The rabbinical committee is comprised of six rabbanim, representing all sectors of the Jewish community: Lithuanian, Chassidic, Ashkenazi and Sephardic. Each of these rabbanim is well known and active in his community and they are personally familiar with the majority of the families receiving assistance. This factor lends much credibility to Kupat Ha’ir in the eyes of both the public at large and the Gedolei Hador.
The rabbinical committee meets approximately once every month. Recently, Kupat Ha’ir has merited that one of the Gedolei Hador, shlit”a, joined in each rabbinical meeting to answer questions that arise in the course of the meetings as well as to lend a special aura of holiness to the occasion.

One of Kupat Ha’ir’s guiding principles since the day of its establishment is that all of its directors and gabba’im work purely l’shem Shamayim, on a strictly voluntary basis.

Beyond the fact that this spares Kupat Ha’ir the need to pay their salaries (in an operation as huge as Kupat Ha’ir, these salaries would undoubtedly come to a very large sum of money), the fact that everything is done l’shem Shamayim sanctifies and purifies the activities carried out. It ensures that all considerations remain completely free of any personal bias. Aside from the mutual desire to expand Kupat Ha’ir in order to provide a response to the incredible need, no one gains any personal benefit from one decision or another.

The gabba’im and the directors take care not to derive any benefit whatsoever, not even of the minutest kind. The Gedolei Hador have often expressed their complete satisfaction with this basic principle, observed at Kupat Ha’ir with great scrupulousness.

The Gedolei Hador place their trust in Kupat Ha’ir. They have many good reasons to do so. One of them is…

Kupat Ha’ir functions with absolute integrity according to both da’as Torah and governmental law! Kupat Ha’ir is run in accordance with halachah, which is the most honest way on earth of running an enterprise. We treat every cent as we do a hundred dollars. We know that people give us their tzedakah money trusting that we will use it for the best causes possible. These halachic parameters guide Kupat Ha’ir’s every step and ensure that slip-ups of any type are prevented.
In addition, in order to receive legal status as an organization and to be able to provide contributors with tax-deductible receipts, we must present our bookkeeping ledgers to the authorities.

The reactions we hear from representatives of the law upon seeing the manner in which Kupat Ha’ir is run is gratifying every time anew. They are astonished by the absolute integrity, amazed that every shekel of the millions of shekels that pass though Kupat Ha’ir reaches its intended destination. The books are meticulously kept, with not a single fault.
The bookkeeping department is headed by Rabbi Y. Wirzhivinsky, one of the top accountants in the country. He sees to it that every one of Kupat Ha’ir’s actions is perfectly transparent and easily verified. This testifies to Kupat Ha’ir’s absolute integrity.