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One Luxury announces massive expansion plans in 2021

The world has become a smaller place because we can meet and work with like-minded people more than ever.

Courtesy of One Luxury
Courtesy of One Luxury

Movement is in our DNA. Our longing for travel has been boosted with the advent of many factors; the need, however, remains a fundamental one. We travel because we are curious. And while curiosity can draw travelers to the proverbial well, companies like One Luxury can help them drink from it. Here’s what to expect as this Germany-based luxury travel service widens its wingspan in 2021.

The world has become a smaller place because we can meet and work with like-minded people more than ever. One Luxury’s founder, Domenica Graci, who is known to work with some of the most high-profile influencers, acknowledged that collaborations are essential for businesses. She says, “One Luxury has grown to become a company that thrives on new ideas. Our past collaborations have not only helped us boost our sales, but they have also helped us surpass our customers’ expectations. I see collaboration as an expansion tactic as it extends your reach and cements your image in new places.”

The company plans to cater to a diverse customer base and expand services beyond the impressive list of destinations it already offers. Whether it is the pristine beaches of the Maldives, the exotic landscapes of Bora Bora, the vintage charm of Venice, or the tranquility of Monaco, One Luxury’s goal has always been to deliver the best to their clients. For 2021, they are planning to “incorporate more exotic destinations, for both business and pleasure travel. We also hope to cater to the young who have the means to explore the world and are looking for unique experiences.”

With growth on its mind, One Luxury is all set to take the world of travel and the world of their clients by storm.

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