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Platinum Times Co. is your go-to luxury watch store: Sponsored Content

Platinum Times Co. is Your Go-To Luxury Watch Store

Courtesy of Platinum Times Co
Courtesy of Platinum Times Co

Globally, there has been a steadily growing consumer preference for premium, high-quality watches. Luxury watches have become an essential component of the fashion luxury industry, thus, increasing the demand. It’s an essential accessory that fashion experts consider an integral component for enhancing a person’s appearance. Many watch enthusiasts are now interested in purchasing unique, classy, and high-quality products that use the best material and the latest technologies. Watches are now being used to make fashion statements and everyone is vying to have the most unique, timeless piece.

The main challenge for watch enthusiasts has been to find a reliable source for all their luxury watch needs. This has been a significant market gap for a while, and consumers have had to search from store to store for their favorite pieces. Essentially, the ever-changing customer needs have also made it difficult for the majority of the stores to stock most of what customers want.

Raul, the founder and owner of Platinum Times Co., spotted this market gap and established the company with the sole purpose of fulfilling every watch enthusiast’s dream. Platinum Times Co. is the best luxury watch destination in the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East. They solely trade in high-quality watches sourced from all across the world.

Established in 2010, Platinum Times Co. has gradually scaled to become an A-list luxury store stocking some rare and most sought-after pieces. The company sends agents worldwide sourcing these gems with a record one-day fulfillment period. Essentially, they have one of the largest and diverse stocks, increasing the chances of getting exactly what you want.

Despite the pandemic, the last two years have been the best for the company. The increased demand for luxury watches over the period has been a significant boost to their operations. With a unique market approach, the company has been able to serve all its different clients. They divided them into two segments based on their needs tackling each person with a unique approach. The result was a 50%+ increase in sales, thanks to their strategies. To put it into perspective, the company’s sales increased from hundreds to thousands of watches annually.
Their commitment and devotion to fulfilling customer’s desires are unmatched in the industry, ranking them the go-to store for all luxury watch needs. Their services have earned them free and voluntary endorsements by some celebrities in the fashion and entertainment industries.

According to Raul, Platinum Times Co. invests in having the best high-quality watches and offering the best and unrivaled customer service and experience. The company is passion-driven, from the top-level management down to each employee. Everything starts by creating a conducive environment for both their workers and customers. Aside from the positive work environment, the company has established a 24/7 customer support base to serve its clients.

Platinum Times Co has already established its presence in over 20 countries. With its current growth rate, the company is eyeing new markets. They also offer the best prices for the quality pieces earning a competitive advantage over their rivals.

You can also get yourself a dream piece from them by checking them out on all their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

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