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TAU International’s NEW Management & Liberal Arts BA: Experience Different

Tel Aviv University International launches an innovative interdisciplinary management program to provide students with well-rounded, in-demand skills to prepare them for successful careers

Students at Tel Aviv University (Credit: TAU)
Students at Tel Aviv University (Credit: TAU)

In today’s increasingly complex world, professional success requires much more than management skills. Working knowledge across a wide range of disciplines is critical for business managers and entrepreneurs to understand their markets and the world in which their businesses play a part. Daily front pages stories on virtually every business-focused news outlet tell how galloping technological progress, social conflict, the commixing of cultures, and challenges to the foundations of the global political order are both challenging businesses and creating unprecedented opportunities.

On the same token, rapid innovation and increasingly globalized supply chains mean that the next generation of CEOs will need to develop even deeper mastery of the micro-elements of business management than ever before.

This presents a challenge to college applicants who know that traditional business and management degrees do not offer the well-rounded education they need to succeed in their careers.

In response to this reality, Tel Aviv University International has created an innovative, multi-disciplinary Management and Liberal Arts Management Program, taught entirely in English, to prepare students for management careers in a complex future. Starting this upcoming Fall, for the 2022/2023 academic year, the program will immerse students in a 3-year dual degree program that will prepare them for a wide range of professional management roles in all varieties of businesses, from startups to large corporations, while providing them with the well-rounded exposure to a broad range of human knowledge provided by a liberal arts education.

“More and more students are looking for the multidisciplinary angle for their studies,” Prof. Noam Reisner, head of the Liberal Arts program, pointed out. “Instead of having this approach where it’s an either-or situation, where you either choose a degree that will possibly provide a more defined career option, or one that follows some of your other interests in the humanities, this dual degree means students don’t need to make that choice. They can do both.” According to Prof. Reisner, students of the program will have their choice of a variety of liberal arts tracks to pair with their management studies including psychology, digital culture and communications, philosophy, literature, Jewish-Israel studies, Middle Eastern studies, entrepreneurship, and life sciences.

And as competition for leading management positions continues to soar, developing expertise in any of these specific domains of human knowledge can dramatically increase students’ future prospects, according to Prof. Shai Danziger, academic head of the International BA Program in Management and Liberal Arts. “Nowadays businesses need managers who have diverse skill sets. If you take someone who has a dual degree in management and accounting, their skill set is going to be relatively limited…The types of skills that our students are going to acquire in the Humanities are definitely going to end up making them better managers.”

The Benefits of Diversity in a Global Village

Danziger and Reisner see exposure to diversity as a critical element to students’ educational journeys, especially for those who plan to embark on international business careers. In the new Management and Liberal Arts BA program, as in all TAUi programs, students will have the chance to learn from each other’s unique cultural perspectives. “Applications are still open so we don’t know exactly what next year’s cohort will look like, but if the adjacent liberal arts program is any indication, we may very well have students representing more than 25 different countries studying in this program. That’s the sort of international mix that we’re hoping to achieve here,” said Reisner.

On top of diversified classes, however, the program has another quality many students find attractive: small class sizes. Danziger is committed to keeping classes relatively small for at least the next few years, thereby enabling students to get a more intimate and personal education, something that is often absent from universities that host tens of thousands of students. “I want prospective students to realize that they are going to be treated individually,” Danziger stressed.

Students who are accepted into the International BA Program in Management and Liberal Arts will also have access to exciting student exchange opportunities. Tel Aviv University has exchange programs with many of the top universities and business schools around the world including Peking University, the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), and Northwestern University, just to name a tiny fraction of the schools that students of this new program will be eligible for.

Real World Experience

In any management BA program, internships play a critical role in exposing students to real world business environments. The coordinators of TAUi’s Management and Liberal Arts BA program will link students with companies suited to their specific interests. In addition, students will have the option to join the university’s honors program during their third year in which they will be able to take MBA-level classes. With the inclusion of student exchange programs, internship opportunities, an honors program, and a long list of fun and engaging extracurriculars like TAU’s highly popular Ignite Entrepreneurship Club, the program is designed to enrich students’ resumés with diverse and compatible skills and experiences that businesses are looking for in candidates.

“There are many different clubs currently running in TAU that new students will be eligible to take part in. We’re also inaugurating a new club which will be specific to this program,” said the program’s coordinator, Louise Hyatt. “We also have a Students Life team, which is a team of experienced student guides who provide 24/7 support for new students helping them integrate into the very active and vibrant TAU community,” said Hyatt.

To get more in-depth insight into the International BA Program in Management and Liberal Arts, be sure to register for an in-person webinar on Wednesday, March 2, at 17:00 (IST), which will discuss program highlights and advantages as well as the many wonderful things the city of Tel Aviv has to offer. The event will also be recorded and live streamed.

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