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Top Hanukkah gift ideas

Re-Experience the Jewish Festival of Lights

With the holiday season on the horizon, it's not too early to get a head start on your Hanukkah shopping (photo: Courtesy)
With the holiday season on the horizon, it's not too early to get a head start on your Hanukkah shopping (photo: Courtesy)

Known as the “festival of lights,” the holiday of Hanukkah is arguably the most universally celebrated Jewish holiday, a festive annual celebration of miracles, past and present, full of its own traditions, customs and foods. Don’t know where to begin? How about Israel, the land of miracles? Any of these unique gift ideas, delivered straight from the Holy Land, are sure to make your job a little easier this time of year:

  • Hanukkah Menorah (Hanukkiyah): A powerful symbol of Jewish faith, strength and identity since time immemorial, the Hanukkiyah commemorates the miracle of the oil which lasted for eight days. As a new candle is lit on the Hanukkiyah for the each day of the holiday, a new Hanukkiyah makes the quintessential Hanukkah gift. Check out this wonderful variety of beautiful Hanukkah Menorahs, guaranteed to bring a sense of excitement to this wonderful holiday.
  • Jewish Jewelry: A lovely piece of jewelry is a gift that works any time of year and what better time than now to give a unique piece from our renowned collection of Jewish jewelry, including a special selection of beautiful Menorah jewelry.
  • Dead Sea Products: For most people, Hanukkah time is winter time, which means it’s cold. Treat yourself or someone else to some of our fabulous Dead Sea bath products to take the pleasure of a hot bath (or shower) up a few notches. Not sure which one? Check out our wide selection of Dead Sea special kits, all of which make a fantastic gift idea.
  • Gift Basket: Who says oil is just for burning? A popular custom of Hanukkah is to eat lots of oily food too. These kosher gift baskets contain loads of nosh (Israeli, no less) to wholeheartedly fulfill this ancient custom.
  • Dreidel: Another well-known Hanukkah custom, the spinning of the dreidel is a playful reminder of the Hanukah miracle long ago. Check out this rare collection of decorative artistic dreidels, a stunning blend of ancient custom and modern art. This one is not just for the kids.

For these 8 days we are a true light unto the nations as we give thanks for our survival throughout history, while basking in the joy of the present. What could be better than a Hanukkah gift from Israel to help foster a sense of both? Happy shopping and Happy Hanukkah!