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What’s in a name?

Ever wonder what is really in a name? What does it mean and why was it chosen?

Girl with her Hebrew Name necklace (photo: Courtesy)
Girl with her Hebrew Name necklace (photo: Courtesy)

Do you know what your name (shem – שם) means in Hebrew? Some names have more than one meaning. A great example is the name “Karen” – קרן. In Hebrew, “קרן” means “ray” (as in ray of sunshine), “horn” or “antler”, “foundation”, and is a free kick in soccer!

In Judaism, a name is important and is meant to be a description of a person’s personality or traits, however this applies to nearly all languages and religions. Choosing a name is a long and often difficult process.

So how do you choose?

There are a few common ways to choose a name:

  1. Some names are chosen simply because they sound nice. Many parents like going through name books and simply choosing a few names that have the “right” ring to them. Usually though, after that’s done, many like to check what the name means in various languages – just to be sure.
  2. It is common in many cultures around the world to name a child after a loved one who has passed away. In some cases, children are even named after a living relative.
  3.  Many people choose a name that means something – either by its literal meaning in a certain language, or who it represents in the bible.

Here are a few common names and their meanings in Hebrew:

Abigail – אביגיל – my father is joy

Adam – אדם – man

Barak – ברק – lightening or shine

Daniel – דניאל – God is my judge

Ella – אלה – goddess

Ethan – איתן – strong

Jacob – יעקב – he will follow

Jessica – יסכה – foresight (the power to see the future)

Natalie – נטלי – a  gift from God (from the abbreviation “נתן טוב לי ה'”)

Nathan – נתן – he gave

Noah – נח – rest, comfort

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