UK’s Johnson serves donuts at kosher bakery ahead of elections
Going for Golders

UK’s Johnson serves donuts at kosher bakery ahead of elections

British PM dons apron and gets behind the counter at eatery in Golders Green, a heavily Jewish area his Conservative party is hoping to retain in next week’s vote

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is rolling up his sleeves for a final campaign push, with less than a week to go before parliamentary elections.

He literally did just that Friday, donning a “Get Brexit Done” apron and getting behind the counter at a kosher bakery to serve up pastries.

“This morning I made some ‘Get Brexit Done’ donuts at a wonderful bakery in Golders Green, North London. Thank you Grodzinski Bakery & to everyone who stopped by to say hello,” Johnson tweeted.

“I think some of my bakers are a bit worried now,” bakery manager Eddie Ezekiel joked to the Jewish News when asked if he would give Johnson a job.

Besides dishing out baked goods, Johnson also iced donuts at the bakery in Golders Green, an area of London with a sizable Jewish population that has been represented in parliament by Conservative candidate Mike Freer, who joined the prime minister on Friday.

Freer is running against Ross Houston of Labour and Liberal Democrat candidate Luciana Berger, a Jewish parliamentarian who quit Labour over its anti-Semitism scandals under party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

While Freer may have Johnson to campaign with, Berger went door-knocking in the area on Sunday with British actor Hugh Grant, who said he was backing the Jewish lawmaker because of her opposition to Brexit, the major issue in the December 12 vote.

Liberal Democrat’s candidate for Finchley and Golders Green, Luciana Berger (R) and Hugh Grant canvassing in Finchley while on the General Election campaign trail. (David Mirzoeff/PA Images via Getty Images)

Johnson pushed for the December elections, which are taking place more than two years early, in hopes of winning a majority and breaking Britain’s political impasse over Brexit. He says that if the Conservatives win a majority, he will get Parliament to ratify his Brexit divorce deal and take the UK out of the EU by the current January 31 deadline.

All 650 seats in the House of Commons are up for grabs next Thursday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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