Video warns ‘Zionists’ more car attacks are coming

Posted to news agency’s Facebook page, clip shows vehicle hitting victim at bus stop; Abbas adviser praises Har Nof terrorists

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Screen capture from an animated video warning ‘Zionists’ they will be targeted in car ramming attacks. (screen capture: YouTube/
Screen capture from an animated video warning ‘Zionists’ they will be targeted in car ramming attacks. (screen capture: YouTube/

A music video clip posted to a Palestinian news agency web page on Wednesday warns “Zionists” that they can be killed at any time in a car attack and advises they “run away” before being sent to their graves.

The video, Haaretz reported, was posted to the Shehab News Agency’s Facebook page the day after five Israelis were killed in a terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue by two Palestinians who burst in during morning prayers and attacked worshipers with a gun and blades.

In the clip, an animated depiction of a bearded man wearing a yarmulke is seen trying to to escape from an attacking car, but ultimately being hit and hurled into a nearby graveyard.

An accompanying Arabic-language song to the video has lyrics that warn “Zionist, you and no other, look right, look left, be careful” and “a car bursts forth from anywhere, picking you up to your grave.”

“An angry car is speeding toward you, run for your life, you chose [this] so take responsibility, run away because you are about to die,” the song continues.

Tuesday’s synagogue attack was the latest in a series of recent terror incidents, some of which involved Palestinians deliberately ramming cars into crowds of Israeli pedestrians.

Israeli officials, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have accused the Palestinian leadership, and in particular Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, of inciting terror attacks against Israel.

Also Wednesday, Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein, who is an adviser to Abbas, praised the two Har Nof synagogue terrorists in a post on his own Facebook page, according to the Israel-based monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

Although Abbas himself condemned the terror incident in a statement, Al-Einein said that those who carried out attacks or rioted against Israeli security forces were engaged in “Ribat” — the Islamic notion of a war fought for land claimed by Muslims.

“Peace be upon you, oh children of Jerusalem,” Al-Einein wrote, according to a translation provided by PMW. “Oh, those who carry out Ribat in the plazas of the first direction of prayer of Allah (i.e. the Al-Aqsa Mosque) in the name of your people and your Arab nation… Blessed be your quality weapons, the wheels of your cars, your axes and kitchen knives. By Allah, these are stronger than the arsenals of our enemy, because [they are being used] according to Allah’s will. We are the soldiers of Allah.”

Earlier this month two Israelis were killed when an Arab man, 48-year-old Ibrahim al-Akary, plowed into pedestrians at a light rail station along the seam line between East and West Jerusalem. A Border Police officer, Jedan Assad, was killed in the attack. Seventeen-year-old yeshiva student Shalom Ba’adani was critically injured and later succumbed to his wounds. Over a dozen others were also injured in the attack.

In a separate incident on November 10, 26-year-old Dalia Lemkus was run over and then stabbed to death by a Palestinian assailant while waiting at a bus stop in the West Bank.

On October 22 Abdelrahman Al-Shaludi drove his car into a Jerusalem Light Rail station, killing three-month-old Israeli-American Chaya Zissel Braun and Karen Yemima Muscara, 22, of Ecuador. Seven other people were also injured. Shaludi was shot by police as he tried to flee the scene and later died of his wounds.

His family’s home was demolished Wednesday morning, in a punitive measure okayed by Israel’s leadership

On August 4, a Palestinian man rammed a tractor into a bus killing one man. A pedestrian, later named as Avraham Walz, 29, was run over by the tractor as it headed toward the bus and died of his injuries.

On October 29 East Jerusalem resident Mu’taz Hijazi attempted to assassinate Temple Mount activist Rabbi Yehudah Glick in a shooting attack in Jerusalem. Glick, who campaigns for Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount, was critically injured by close-range gunshot wounds, but is gradually recovering.

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