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Wanted: Goldstar seeks taste tester

Israel’s biggest brewery is looking for an expert beer imbiber

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Illustrative image of Goldstar Israeli beer (Courtesy Tempo)
Illustrative image of Goldstar Israeli beer (Courtesy Tempo)

Here’s a note from the Help Wanted section: Israel’s largest brewer, Goldstar, is looking for a chief taster. Now they’ve opened the search to the public.

The brewery, part of beverage company Tempo Beer Industries Ltd. — which also makes Maccabee Beer and Nesher Malt, as well as the Jump juice brands and is the local bottler for PepsiCo — is looking for someone with two to three years experience drinking beer, 18 or older, and not currently in the army.

The dark lager’s been brewed since the 1950s and the company also produces a low-calorie variety labeled as Goldstar Light.

According to the job description, disseminated by a spokesperson for the company, the taster can be male or female, and will earn NIS 12,000 plus travel expenses per month, because this is not a job where you can drink and drive.

There’s also no telecommuting, as the taster must work out of Tempo’s Netanya headquarters, but only has to show up once a week to sip and taste the brew emerging from the company’s barrels. Palate cleansers will also be included.

It sounds like an easy job, but it’s not, according to the company’s statement. The taster’s judgment calls on Israel’s leading beer brand will affect hundreds of thousands of beer drinkers, according to Tempo.

All interested parties should send their CVs to www.goldstar.co.il.

It’s for real, said Ophir Avslander, a spokesman for Goldstar. The company also plans on featuring the taster’s experiences on Facebook, in order to keep Goldstar drinkers in the loop.

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