WATCH: Islamic Jihad showcases rocket capabilities

Terror group’s operatives can be seen firing at targets across border from underground launching pads

A video containing rare footage of Gaza-based terror movement Islamic Jihad’s rocket-launching capabilities and military training sessions was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday, highlighting the group’s technological advances and weapons arsenals.

In the short clip published by MEMRI, masked members of the terror group, dressed in full military garb, can be seen setting up launching pads on jeeps and within olive groves. The operatives then fire the rockets, presumably at Israeli targets across the border.

The video also shows several underground rocket launchers, their turrets quickly covered by operatives beneath the Gaza sand after a barrage is released.

The Palestinian terror group’s music video further shows fighters skillfully running between tunnels and parading with AK-47s and grenade launchers in the streets of the Strip.

Islamic Jihad and Hamas, the terror group that controls the Gaza Strip, have spearheaded attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians for years. The Israel Defense Forces is currently engaged in an ongoing operation in the Palestinian enclave aimed at stemming rocket attacks and destroying both groups’ terror tunnel networks beneath the Strip.

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