WATCH: Israeli soldiers give Palestinian girl medical aid

Border Police respond to family's emergency call and treat young girl suffering from acute respiratory distress

Israeli Border Police assist a young Palestinian girl suffering from respiratory distress in the West Bank town of Hebron on July 30, 2015. (screen grab: Facebook)

A team of Border Policemen in the West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday came to the rescue of a young Palestinian girl experiencing acute respiratory distress.

In a video posted online by Channel 2 television, Corporal Shai Chen is seen connecting the 12-year-old girl to an oxygen tank, as her family members stood by.

“I told her that I was with her and that everything was going to be fine,” Chen said, according to the report.

The corporal said his unit responded to the family’s emergency call and found the girl with shallow, erratic breathing and an irregular pulse.

Shortly after giving her oxygen, Chen managed to stabilize the girl’s breathing and bring her pulse down to a normal rate.

The girl was later transferred to a Palestinian hospital by medics from the Red Crescent emergency service.

The soldiers said the Palestinian family thanked the Israeli soldiers. Chen told Channel 2: “All we did was get there in time and do our job.”

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