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What Matters Now to Mideast analyst Avi Issacharoff: Iran can have nukes in 6 months

Seasoned journalist and ‘Fauda’ co-creator spells out how nuclear Iran must be treated as Israel’s prime existential threat, even as the Jewish state fights on many fronts

Deputy Editor Amanda Borschel-Dan is the host of The Times of Israel's Daily Briefing and What Matters Now podcasts and heads up The Times of Israel's Jewish World and Archaeology coverage.

Welcome to What Matters Now, a weekly podcast exploring one key issue currently shaping Israel and the Jewish World, hosted by deputy editor Amanda Borschel-Dan.

In a post-October 7 Israeli reality, is any new security threat outside the realm of imagination?

This week, when over 300 projectiles were fired by Iran at Israel, we pose this question to journalist and co-creator of the hit Israeli drama “Fauda” Avi Issacharoff.

Legions of fans around the world know of Issacharoff’s storytelling from the popular television series — loosely based on his experiences in the IDF’s elite Duvdevan unit — which he writes with “Fauda” star Lior Raz. (We’ll hear a story of their post-October 7 real-life bravery during our conversation.)

But Issacharoff is first and foremost a long-time, diehard journalist and analyst of the Arab world — one who has put his life on the line in the past to cover a story.

We pick Issacharoff’s brain as we unpick the knotty situation Israel is currently facing with enemies on our borders, and Iran as a puppetmaster who is coming increasingly closer to a nuclear bomb.

So this week, we ask journalist Avi Issacharoff, What Matters Now.

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