Woman sets fire to car in gas station
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Woman sets fire to car in gas station

CCTV footage shows suspect in Jerusalem neighborhood torching vehicle after owner reportedly refused request for cigarette

A woman suspected of torching the car of a man who refused to provide her with a cigarette was arrested in Jerusalem Tuesday.

Nobody was injured in the incident, which occurred at a gas station in the Baka neighborhood of the capital.

Surveillance footage from the gas station shows the suspect approaching a man pumping fuel into his car.

After a brief exchange of words the woman backs away, only to return a moment later in order to ignite the nozzle, setting ablaze the vehicle and the surrounding area.

The man is seen quickly pulling out the nozzle before fleeing the scene.

No injuries were sustained to the vehicle owner or to his brother, who was sitting in the front seat, Channel 2 reported.

Israel police located and arrested the suspect shortly after the incident occurred, and she was expected to face an arraignment on Wednesday.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the suspect had asked the driver for a cigarette, and that after he declined the request, she returned to set the gas pump ablaze.

The suspect denied all allegations, even after being confronted with the surveillance footage, claiming it was not her in the video.

The vehicle owner told police he was acquainted with the suspect, and that she frequents the area asking pedestrians for spare change.

“I told investigators I feel sorry for her because it seemed she was in serious distress. She approached me, asking for something, but I couldn’t understand her,” he told Ynet.

“Me and my brother, who was sitting in the back, were incredibly lucky. It took us a moment to process that a miracle had occurred,” he added.

The suspect’s mother told Channel 2 that her daughter is mentally unstable, and that her condition had deteriorated in recent months.

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