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Thursday, November 21, 2019
‘A time of unprecedented darkness’: Rivlin passes coalition-building buck to MKs
By Raoul Wootliff
After Gantz and Netanyahu fail to build government, never-before-used electoral law opens last window for any lawmaker to win majority backing — or new elections will be triggered
Making unhappy history, Knesset enters 21-day grace period for forming coalition
By Jacob Magid
Netanyahu again calls on Gantz to hold one-on-one coalition talks
By TOI staff
ADL survey: 25% of Europeans anti-Semitic, East European bigotry rises sharply
By Yaakov Schwartz
A global poll of 9,000 adults in 18 countries shows significant numbers believe age-old tropes about Jews, including that they seek world domination
US Jewish man stabbed, critically hurt, outside synagogue in upstate New York
By TOI staff and JTA
Elderly man beaten by teen in anti-Semitic attack in Berlin, police say
By Toby Axelrod
British climate activist leader engulfed in row after downplaying Holocaust
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Likud minister says Sa’ar should learn ‘lesson on loyalty’ after challenging PM
By Michael Bachner
David Amsalem accuses PM’s chief rival within ruling party, who declared bid to unseat Netanyahu in leadership primaries, of ‘ego and personal aspirations’
Likud’s Sa’ar calls for leadership primaries, declares bid to unseat Netanyahu
By TOI staff and Raphael Ahren
Premier’s chief rival in the party says he will succeed in forming government, ‘uniting country’; Netanyahu supporter Elkin says internal vote will only waste time and energy
Report: Mandelblit wraps up Netanyahu indictments, could unveil charges Thursday
By TOI staff and Raphael Ahren
Yesh Atid cancels primaries, extends Lapid’s chairmanship
By TOI staff
Defying Netanyahu, Likud lawmaker calls for early leadership primaries
By TOI staff
Accusing PM of trying to steal election, Gantz opens campaign for another
Contrasting his own outlook with Netanyahu’s, the Blue and White chief paints a picture of two different leaders – one selfless, the other self-obsessed – and two different Israels
As Gantz gives up, PM urges ‘immediate’ unity talks without preconditions
By TOI staff
Gantz said to blame Lapid, right-wing flank in his party for coalition failure
By TOI staff
Gantz concedes failure to form coalition, all but assuring new elections
By Marissa Newman and Raoul Wootliff
Israel media review
Here be elections: 7 things to know for November 21
By Joshua Davidovich
Israel is grumpily sailing into uncharted waters, and everyone is pretty sure we’ll soon be wrecked on electoral terra all-too-cognita, unless a mutiny on the Bibi forms
Netanyahu lashes Liberman for casting ultra-Orthodox as ‘anti-Zionist’
By TOI staff
Bennett pitches direct PM election proposal to avert 3rd Knesset vote
By Nati Yefet and TOI staff
Analysis / As clock winds down on Gantz, Netanyahu breathes a sigh of relief
By Shalom Yerushalmi
From the blogs
A tribute unfit for a king who harbors our child’s killer
OP-ED: Jordan’s monarch won’t extradite the woman behind the horrific Sbarro massacre. Why is he getting the royal treatment at a New York gala?
Shmuly Yanklowitz
10 fiery factors deeply dividing Israel and American Jews
Rocket attack on Golan was response to IDF strike on Syria-Iraq border – report
By Judah Ari Gross and Adam Rasgon
Russia claims Israel violated Jordanian and Iraqi airspace in recent Syria attacks, expresses ‘concern and resentment’
Photos show alleged Quds Force headquarters destroyed in IDF strikes
By Judah Ari Gross
FM urges international community to issue ‘military threat’ against Iran
By Raphael Ahren
Iran jails conservationists for ‘espionage’ for trying to save Asiatic cheetah
By Jon Gambrell
Director interview
Israeli documentary may knock Golda Meir off her pedestal — and into your heart
By Jordan Hoffman
Sanders gets applause at debate for call to treat Palestinians with dignity
By Ron Kampeas
At Democratic debate, asked whether they would take a tougher stance on Saudi Arabia, considering its human rights abuses, Sanders volunteers he would also be tougher on Israel.
Sondland invokes family’s escape from Holocaust in Trump impeachment hearing
Democrat debate exposes divides despite united front against Trump
By Nicholas Kamm and Michael Mathes
Jewish Democratic Council ad calls Trump the ‘biggest threat’ to Jews
More Headlines
Ashdod scoops up UN award for most environmentally friendly Mediterranean city
By Sue Surkes
Breaking religious restrictions, buses to roll on Shabbat in Tel Aviv
By JTA and TOI staff
Uproar in court as man sentenced to 19 years for killing girlfriend
By Stuart Winer and TOI staff
Hamas deputy chief praises ‘political paralysis’ in Israel
By Adam Rasgon
Israeli ultra-Orthodox women launch anti-domestic violence campaign
By Alexandra Vardi
From Jerusalem to Kyiv / Grammy nod goes to Israeli directors, producer for Swedish pop song
By Jessica Steinberg
9 out of 10 rape cases in Israel closed without charges — study
By TOI staff
Michigan eyes Israeli tech to tackle water, mobility, cybersecurity challenges
By Shoshanna Solomon
Syracuse U says report of supremacist screed was likely hoax
Online cooking course aims to turn kitchen amateurs into culinary pros
By Jessica Steinberg
Jeremy Corbyn mispronounces Jeffrey Epstein’s name, and critics have a field day
By Cnaan Liphshiz
British Airways crowns Tel Aviv as a top vacation destination for 2020
By Shoshanna Solomon
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