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Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Far-right MK Maoz: Forms of ‘liberal religion’ are ‘darkness’ that must be expelled
By TOI staff
Knesset comments by Maoz, who is set to assume control of some aspects of school curricula and a new ‘Jewish identity’ office, spark anger and booing in plenum
ToI podcast / Daily Briefing Dec. 7: How the same MK who fought for Soviet immigration may kill it
By TOI staff
Likud’s Edelstein: Scrapping ‘grandchild clause’ will lead to Law of Return’s demise
By Judah Ari Gross and TOI staff
Expected incoming housing minister: I don’t know if there is a housing crisis
By TOI staff
‘From what I see, there is construction all around,’ United Torah Judaism leader Yitzhak Goldknopf says, with annual rise in home prices at highest level in recent memory
Likud readies for fight against clock to pass contentious bills needed for coalition
By Michael Bachner
As Netanyahu’s coalition deadline nears, Likud signs interim deal with UTJ
By TOI staff
Germany busts far-right terror cell said planning coup with violent Reichstag attack
By Agencies
Authorities say 25 arrested; special forces army barracks said searched; group said to have been in contact with Russian officials; former AfD lawmaker and ex-soldiers detained
Ex-secretary at Nazi concentration camp says she’s ‘sorry,’ requests trial acquittal
By Agencies
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Magen David Adom is strengthening the ‘Chain of Survival’ with innovative tech
Hilary Faverman
Israel’s first responders are leveraging advanced tech to minimize critical response times and provide life-saving emergency medical services more quickly and efficiently.
Chief justice slams plans to neuter court: Without independence we can’t do our jobs
By TOI staff
Supreme Court President Esther Hayut takes on planned radical reforms by incoming coalition: ‘Judicial independence and neutrality… are the lifeblood’
Yesh Atid urges protesters to ‘fight for the country’ at planned weekend rallies
By TOI staff
Ben Gvir reportedly fuming at police chief: ‘Will be hard for me to work with him’
By TOI staff
Reporter's notebook
Qatar’s showy soccer spectacle can’t sideline conflict and controversy at World Cup
The tournament has united the Arab world, but the exploitation of migrant workers and exclusion of others have muddied the pitch and stained the beautiful game
Morocco celebrates with Palestinian flag after historic World Cup victory over Spain
By AP and TOI staff
Top Ops
Katriel Reichman
We don’t talk about drug use – no, no, no!
Denying addiction doesn’t actually prevent it. To help those struggling with substance abuse, we need to fight the stigma, and start talking about it openly
David Rosenstark
Jewish aliyah from North America? Not so fast…
When Israel’s red tape delayed the immigration of a widowed, octogenarian Holocaust survivor whose own sons had already proved their Jewishness for aliyah
Aiding Ukrainians, immigration official finds what it means for Israel to be a haven
By Judah Ari Gross
Head of office that checks citizenship eligibility for Ukrainian immigrants reflects on early days of Russian invasion, vows to abide by whatever coalition decides on Law of Return
Live updates (closed)
Incoming immigration minister says Law of Return ‘needs to be fixed’
By Amy Spiro
Religious Zionism’s Ofir Sofer declines to elaborate on plans, asks for ‘grace period’ to study the issue in depth before attempting changes to controversial ‘grandparent clause’

How the same MK who fought for Soviet immigration may kill it

International Criminal Court prosecutor says he aims to ‘visit Palestine’ in 2023
By TOI staff
Israeli lawyer who has worked at Hague-based court says Karim Khan’s remark ‘carefully worded’ amid diplomatic pressure over war crimes probe into Israel
US opposes Al Jazeera taking journalist Abu Akleh’s killing to ICC
By TOI staff and AFP
Palestinian gunmen clash with IDF in Nablus; eight terror suspects arrested
By Emanuel Fabian
Palestinian teens who humiliated Haredi man for TikTok video freed to house arrest
By Jack Mukand
Investigation into ‘grievous incident’ by youths, 14 and 16, in Old City of Jerusalem ongoing; police say release from custody ‘in no way speaks to their innocence’
Shots fired at military post in central West Bank, gunman shot dead — IDF
By Emanuel Fabian
Beleaguered NSO Group said pleased by Netanyahu’s return, eyes renewed Saudi deals
By Michael Bachner
Report says spyware firm faced serious hardship, with West shunning it over rights concerns, Israel curbing exports; now said hoping for Likud leader’s help, Riyadh normalization
US federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Saudi prince in Khashoggi killing
By Agencies
IDF cybersecurity failures could lead to stolen identities, warns state comptroller
By TOI staff
Nine face death in Iran for ‘colluding with Israel’ to kill top nuclear scientist
By AFP and TOI staff
Defendants also charged with ‘corruption on earth’ over 2020 assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who Jerusalem had accused of leading Iranian efforts to develop atomic bomb
Iran’s reformist ex-president praises ‘beautiful’ protests, pans regime’s crackdown
IAF, French fighter jets hold joint strike drills over Israel’s skies
By Emanuel Fabian
6 couples can undergo testing to find origin of wrongly implanted embryo, court says
By TOI staff
Couple who gave birth appeal against decision, ask for delay; one of the women: ‘If this is my baby, I will fight for her’; baby girl said to have undergone heart surgery
Jerusalem doctors deliver baby while simultaneously saving mom from stroke
By Nathan Jeffay
Will synagogues shun ‘effective altruism’ movement after Sam Bankman-Fried scandal?
By Asaf Elia-Shalev
Maximum-impact giving to save lives in the developing world has caught on among Reform Jews in particular, but the scandal involving one high-profile supporter is tainting optics
Looted artifacts worth millions said seized from US collector, a key donor to Israel
By Michael Horovitz
'Salaam Aleikum'
Israeli pilot on Herzog flight greets air traffic controllers over Saudi skies
By TOI staff
Pilot offers warm greetings to air traffic operators in port city of Jeddah on president’s flight back to Israel from Abu Dhabi
Israeli energy firm signs joint natural gas exploration deal with Morocco
By TOI staff and Sharon Wrobel
New nature chief aims for tourists to see more of Israel’s national parks, reserves
By Sue Surkes
With lengthy to-do list, Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s first female chief talks about new sites, continuing threats, and a plan to stop feeding cranes to avert bird flu
Israel welcomes over 2 million tourists in 2022 amid steady post-COVID recovery
By Danielle Nagler
Ministry: Israel must approve 54 policy measures to reach 2030 renewable energy goal
By Sue Surkes
More Headlines
Bennett sues rabbi for false claims his parents weren’t Jewish
By TOI staff
Democratic Senator Warnock wins Georgia runoff against Trump-backed Walker
By Bill Barrow and Jeff Amy
Argentinian VP Cristina Fernández sentenced to 6 years in prison for fraud
By Almudena Calatrava
Taliban carries out first public execution since taking over Afghanistan last year
By Rahim Faiez
Pope likens Russia’s war in Ukraine to Nazi extermination campaign
By Michael Horovitz
125 US lawmakers call for ‘unified national strategy’ to fight antisemitism
By Ron Kampeas
Trump Organization convicted in executive tax fraud scheme
By Michael R. Sisak
Defense tech firm Rafael to vacate prime Tel Aviv real estate for new development
By Danielle Nagler
China announces nationwide loosening of COVID restrictions that sparked protests
Isracard to lay off 250 employees, 12% of total workforce
By Sharon Wrobel
Police investigating swastika sprayed on Missouri elementary school
Tis the season for music / Noa to perform Bach interpretation at Nazareth Liturgical Festival
By Jessica Steinberg
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