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Friday, April 16, 2021

After last year’s lockdown, Israelis back at parks to celebrate Independence Day
By TOI staff
With most restrictions lifted, majority-vaccinated country’s citizens able to enjoy holiday at sites nationwide, some of which are forced to stop accepting visitors due to overflow
Honoring outstanding troops for last time, Rivlin says national path ‘not lost’
By TOI staff
Israel celebrates 73rd Independence Day with Air Force flyby
By TOI staff
From the blogs
Thoughts on Israel at 73 while flying over the Saudi desert
On this, the independence day of an old-new country, our governance may be ailing, but the hallmark ’superabundant force’ of democracy is alive and kicking
World landmarks light up in blue and white in honor of Israel’s Independence Day
By TOI staff
Israel at 73 by the numbers: 12th-happiest in world, over 10% work in high-tech
By TOI staff
The legend of Michael Levin, and what it tells us about our need for heroes
By Lazar Berman
An idealistic lone soldier from the US, he was killed in Lebanon in 2006, and has become an Israeli icon and inspiration. His friends don’t quite know what to make of it all
Memorial Day service held for ultra-Orthodox soldiers for 3rd year
By TOI staff
Memorial Day sorrow fades into joy as Israel ushers in 73rd Independence Day
By TOI staff
Top Ops
Kenneth Jacobson
This Independence Day, let’s hear it for normalcy
It’s one of the goals of Zionism – a normal state for the Jewish People – and this year there’s lots to celebrate on that score
Amit Naor
Israel’s first Independence Day and the parade that didn’t march
In 1949, organizational blunders led to the debacle of an army that managed to conquer everything…except the streets of Tel Aviv
Daniel S. Mariaschin
Heed the neon warning sign on Iran’s intentions
In his dealings with Iran, US Sec. of State Blinken should heed his own words about America’s historic failure to rescue the Jews from calamity
Talya Woolf
73 reasons to love Israel
Lightning-speed vaccination, random acts of kindness, and 7 ways to eat a Krembo – just some of the wonders that make this place thrilling
Israel at 73: How the tech sector saved the economy from the worst of COVID
By Shoshanna Solomon
Times Will Tell
Podcast: With left-wing anti-Zionism on the rise, how to instill ‘Jewish pride’
By TOI staff
Author and educator Ben M. Freeman challenges young liberal Jews to go on a journey of self-discovery and explore authentic history to help reclaim pride in their Jewish identities
‘Missing link’ in alphabet’s history said unearthed in Israel on Canaanite sherd
By TOI staff
Researchers say pottery fragment from Tel Lachish is the oldest artifact of its kind found in region, could explain how writing system reached Levant from Egypt
Israel’s care for traumatized veterans is broken. Fixing it will be hard
By Judah Ari Gross
After veteran with PTSD self-immolates in apparent protest against Defense Ministry, treatment options come under intense scrutiny
As Memorial Day siren blares, dozens stand where IDF veteran self-immolated
By TOI staff
Iran says concern about ‘peaceful’ nuke program is a ‘mistake,’ as talks resume
By Agencies and TOI staff
Khamenei says Vienna offers ‘not worth looking at’ after hiking uranium enrichment in response to alleged Israel attack on Natanz plant
Iran nuclear talks resume in Vienna amid soaring tensions
By Agencies and TOI staff
IAEA says Iran has almost completed preparations for 60% uranium enrichment
By TOI staff and Agencies
Iran dismisses Vienna nuclear deal offers as ‘not worth looking at’
By Jon Gambrell
US secretary of state: Israel’s group of friends to grow wider in years ahead
By Jacob Magid
In Independence Day message, Antony Blinken says US will urge more countries to normalize, lauds Jerusalem’s vaccine effort, vows to strengthen all parts of bilateral relationship
Rivlin thanks global Jewry for standing ‘side by side with Israel’
By TOI staff
Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day ceremony
‘His crimes were extraordinarily evil’: The life and death of Bernie Madoff
The man who operated the largest Ponzi scheme in history is dead at 82; ‘no one is going to mourn him,’ says an attorney for some of his victims
Top French court won’t prosecute Jewish woman’s killer because he was on weed
By Agencies and TOI staff
Court of Cassation upholds ruling that Kobili Traore can’t be held criminally responsible for Sarah Halimi’s killing as he was in a psychotic state from marijuana use
Jewish leader quits Auschwitz board over right-wing politician’s nomination
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Anti-Semitic incidents in Netherlands fell by 25% in 2020, but remain high
By Cnaan Liphshiz
US said to scold PA over death threats toward Palestinian-American Abbas critic
By TOI staff
Fatah-affiliated terror group said it would target Fadi Elsalameen, as he visited his hometown of as-Samu in the West Bank
J Street, Americans for Peace Now back bill restricting how Israel spends US aid
By Ron Kampeas
PA slams UK’s ‘subversion of global order’ after Johnson opposes ICC probe
By TOI staff
Despite Biden OK, ‘concerned’ Democrat says US Congress to review UAE arms deal
By Jacob Magid
Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee says he still has questions over $23 billion sale, which White House is now advancing after initial suspension
Envoy: US ready to facilitate stalled Israel-Lebanon maritime border talks
By Jacob Magid and AP
Biden: US troops to leave Afghanistan by 9/11 anniversary, ending ‘forever war’
By AAMER MADHANI and Matthew Lee
President says the 2001 terror attacks can’t justify the continued presence of soldiers in the country after 20 years of conflict
With withdrawal, Biden hopes Afghanistan stable enough to withstand extremists
By Robert Burns
More Headlines
Haredi teens said to burn wreaths on troops’ graves, PM blasts ‘barbaric’ act
By TOI staff
ZOA to stay in Boston Jewish group despite ‘elevating white supremacist voices’
By Asaf Shalev
Smotrich begs Netanyahu, Sa’ar to ‘sort out differences,’ establish government
By TOI staff
Top national religious rabbi Chaim Druckman hospitalized due to heart failure
By TOI staff
Man killed in motorcycle accident after Memorial Day siren
By TOI staff
KKL-JNF board members: Move to buy West Bank land illegal, must be halted
By TOI staff
Iran’s state TV censors UK soccer match to avoid showing female referee’s legs
By TOI staff and Agencies
23-year-old dies from allergic reaction to whipped cream at meat restaurant
By TOI staff
Former ADL chief Abe Foxman says he’d honor Fox’s Rupert Murdoch ‘again today’
By Ben Sales
US Senate approves economist Gary Gensler as market watchdog chief
By Marcy Gordon
Saudi university catches fire after missile, drone attack intercepted
Man found dead in stairwell in Netivot; shooters reportedly dressed as police
By TOI staff
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