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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Israel enters 2nd sweeping lockdown as Rosh Hashanah starts; defiance expected
By TOI staff and Agencies
7,000 policemen and soldiers set to enforce intensely controversial closure that began at 2 p.m. on eve of New Year, is set to last at least three weeks
Netanyahu warns ‘there may be no choice’ but to tighten lockdown
By TOI staff
Hospitals open underground wartime wards to ready for surge in COVID-19 patients
By TOI staff
Israel media review
Dip the lockdown in the loophole: What the press is saying on September 18
By Joshua Davidovich
A nation beset by plagues of FOMO, anger, confusion and politics overriding health concerns enters a lockdown that is not a lockdown but may soon become a lockdown
Haredim seek to hold ‘protests’ Sunday night; cops see bid to evade lockdown
By TOI staff
Virus czar absent from lockdown presser, amid reports of disagreements with PM
By TOI staff
It’s a lockdown of necessity. But what kind of necessity? Health or political?
How did Israel become world’s first country reimposing lockdown? It’s not just a story of rising infections, but also of fragile religious-secular relations, nervous politicians
Hundreds protest in Tel Aviv against new virus lockdown
By TOI staff and AFP
Under lockdown, Israel faces bitter start of Jewish New Year
By Ilan Ben Zion
How to toot your horn: Israel’s Health Ministry issues shofar-blowing guidelines
By Alexander Fulbright
Memo suggests covering ram’s horn with a mask to prevent spraying of droplets, calls for blowing instrument toward an open window and not toward synagogue congregants
Naming names / Mohammad again most popular baby boys’ name; Tamar knocked off top by Miriam
By TOI staff
One-third of Netanyahu voters believe COVID-19 was sent by God
By Ben Sales
US says Hezbollah storing ammonium nitrate, which caused Beirut blast, in Europe
By TOI staff and Agencies
Terror group smuggling explosive chemical in first aid kits for use in terror attacks, State Department official charges; calls on European states to impose bans on organization
Trump said preparing executive order to sanction any who break Iran arms embargo
By TOI staff and Agencies
US sanctions 2 Lebanon-based firms, Hezbollah-linked businessman
Pompeo insists US to enforce ‘UN’ sanctions on Iran
First person
Journalist reckons with Israeli blame for Sabra and Shatila
By Abraham Rabinovich
With the Israel-UAE-Bahrain deals, ‘undeniable Palestinan truths’ no longer hold
Axioms the Palestinians imposed on the Arab world for decades — notably including the eschewing of all normalization with Israel — are crumbling before their horrified eyes
Top Israeli, UAE officials say new ties will make countries ‘close family’
By TOI staff
Study said to find Saudis may have enough uranium to make own nuclear fuel
By TOI staff
Top Ops
Jill Cozen-Harel
This Rosh Hashanah is not what I’d imagined
Last year at this time, I was pregnant and worried, so I pictured myself in shul with a baby (yes, it helped). Now, without shul, I find myself asking: Who am I now?
Aliza Lipkin
PHOTO ESSAY: May it be Your will, Lord
Word play makes our menu, as we move beyond ’apples in honey’ to swiss chard, pomegranate, and black-eyed peas, with the puns we use to ask for God’s blessing
Dena Rock
The breath of life and the shofar blasts
The one biblical mitzvah that characterizes Rosh Hashanah reenacts the creation of humankind, an event that occurred on this very date in history
Nathan Bigman
Stuck in second grade for the holidays
God isn’t our king, our father, our mother or our master. He’s God, whatever that might mean. And She doesn’t need a pencil (though He might)
Almost all Hasidic pilgrims leave Ukraine border ahead of Rosh Hashanah
By Dmytro Gorshkov
Spokesman for Ukrainian border guard says he hopes those still aiming to reach Uman understand that ‘the entry ban decision will not be revised’
Hungarian Jews to celebrate Rosh Hashanah on boat on the Danube as virus surges
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Israeli research: Bacteria may be key to curing coronavirus and other viruses
By Nathan Jeffay
Likening finding to discovery of antibiotics, researcher says it ‘could lead to drugs that cure various viruses’ and ‘maybe even this one’
British government warns national lockdown could return
By Agencies
Coronavirus cases top 30 million worldwide as Europe sees fresh surge
Picture of Netanyahu apparently sleeping on plane floor stirs debate
By TOI staff
PM seen snoozing on his return flight from Israel-UAE-Bahrain normalization accords ceremony at White House, after plans for private jet were nixed
Diplomatic deals with Gulf fail to provide Netanyahu electoral boost – poll
By TOI staff
Qatar won’t normalize with Israel before 2-state solution reached, envoy says
By TOI staff
Biden, in Rosh Hashanah greeting, calls for change: ‘Got to be a better year’
By JTA and Jacob Magid
In message, Democratic Presidential challenger emphasizes holiday’s themes of renewal, his commitment to Jewish values
Hoping for a better one / Rivlin wishes Jews around the world a happy new year
By TOI staff
rosh hashanah
High Holiday content goes online for the Jewish New Year
Musicians and rabbis, chefs and writers take on questions of spirituality and knock on the gates of heaven with Jerusalem cultural center Beit Avi Chai
Those looking for online High Holiday services in US have a plethora of options
Sweet sauce / Tunisian pumpkin jam is an underrated Rosh Hashanah treat
By Rachel Myerson
Whole apples, individual honey jars: New York issues health guide for holidays
By Shira Hanau
US state advises social distancing measures in synagogues to prevent spread of coronavirus, also suggests increased ventilation of sukkahs
26 US Jewish schools unite to exhort families to play it safe during holidays
By Shira Hanau
More Headlines
Denying cover-up, former police chief insists killed Bedouin man was terrorist
By TOI staff
Germany to improve safety of Jewish sites after Halle attack
3 Palestinians shot dead by unknown assailants ‘meters from Israeli checkpoint’
By Aaron Boxerman
Two shot dead in Nazareth during club brawl
By TOI staff
Oldies but goodies / Musicians produce album of covers for Israeli classics
By Jessica Steinberg
Polish parliament drops bill’s proposal to ban export of kosher and halal meat
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Push underway to save UK church mural made by Jewish artist who escaped Nazis
By Stuart Winer
2 US senators warn Poland’s president on anti-Semitism and restitution
By Ron Kampeas
Miami Herald apologizes for running anti-Semitic and racist ads for months
By Josefin Dolsten
Woody Allen’s ‘A Rainy Day in New York’ to get US release after 2-year delay