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Saturday, July 20, 2019
Iran official calls tanker seizure ‘reciprocal’; FM: Vessel broke maritime rules
By TOI staff and Agencies
Tehran appears to speak in two voices while explaining confiscation of British-flagged ship, as furious European powers urge the country to reverse its ‘dangerous’ course
British FM warns Iran of ‘serious consequences’ if UK-flagged tanker not freed
By TOI staff and Agencies
Britain says Iran has seized two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz
By Agencies and TOI staff
A timeline of the escalation in the Gulf
moon landing half-century
Israeli Harvard astronomer has an inalienable gravitation to interstellar study
By Rich Tenorio
On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Prof. Avi Loeb defiantly holds out hope that humanity will encounter other forms of life in the universe
The Jewish reporter who brought the 1969 moon landing into US living rooms
By Josefin Dolsten
Wernher Von Braun: From rocket builder for Hitler to Apollo hero
By Ivan Couronne
Netanyahu officially makes Israeli history as longest-serving prime minister
By Agencies and TOI staff
As of Saturday, 69-year-old premier has served as nation’s leader for a total of 4,876 days, overtaking founding father David Ben-Gurion
Trump falsely claims Democratic congresswomen spoke of ‘evil Jews’
By TOI staff and Agencies
The president also misrepresents comments by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to assert four women of color called ‘our country and our people ‘garbage”
Most Jews want no part of Trump’s feud with Democratic congresswomen
By Ron Kampeas
US Orthodox rabbis condemn racism at ‘highest levels of government’
By Ron Kampeas
Israel will allow BDS-backing congresswomen Omar, Tlaib to enter country
By Eric Cortellessa
Envoy to US Ron Dermer tells ToI that waiver will be granted under controversial 2017 law allowing the lawmakers to visit the Jewish state
In reversal, Trump disavows criticism of ‘send her back’ chants
By Alan Fram, DARLENE SUPERVILLE and Jonathan Lemire
Netanyahu brushes off concerns that Israel is becoming a partisan issue in US
By TOI staff
Congress tackles the anti-Israel boycott, but bipartisanship is fleeting
By Ron Kampeas
Bahraini FM: If not for Iran’s support of Hamas, we’d be closer to Mideast peace
By Adam Rasgon and TOI staff
Official in Palestinian terror group lambastes Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa for photo with Israeli counterpart, says it shows ‘just how pro-Zionist some Arab officials have become’
Thousands protest at Gaza border, over 100 said injured amid riots
By AFP and TOI staff
Norway’s state broadcaster airs ‘Jewish swine’ cartoon
By JTA and TOI staff
TV official defends the clip, in which a man playing Scrabble with a Haredi Jew is frustrated that he cannot use the derogatory term to score points
In North Macedonia, unearthed headstones shed new light on Nazi-razed community
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Cyprus police say they found videos of alleged rape on Israeli suspects’ phones
By TOI staff
Local official says nine of the 12 suspects accused of assaulting UK tourist are minors
Top Ops
Sue Fishkoff
25 years after his death, the Rebbe’s army marches on
Chabad continues to teach cherished Jewish principles to the non-observant, chief among them: Jews help others
Andrew Silow-Carroll
The kid in me wants another shot at the moon
Imagine what it means for our federal government to set an audacious goal of an unachievable task and succeed! Now join me in my nostalgia
Roots trip: A forager plumbs the coast for edible greens and authenticity
By Jessica Steinberg
More Headlines
US sanctions suspected Hezbollah mastermind behind 1994 attack in Argentina
By TOI staff and Agencies
Israeli spyware firm NSO said to tell clients it can mine data from social media
Senator’s speech an anti-Semitic dog whistle or poli-sci speak?
By Ben Sales
Florida sheriff to investigate Jeffrey Epstein’s work release arrangement
By Curt Anderson and ALI SWENSON
Police investigating employee at president’s residence for possible wrongdoing
By TOI staff
Jewish man sues Florida McDonald’s for not hiring him due to his beard
Amid Gulf tensions, US to send troops to Saudi Arabia
By Robert Burns
Ohio man accused of abusing minors sues rabbis and synagogues for defamation
By Ed Carroll
Sanders campaign workers say they earn ‘poverty wages’
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Drone bombs base used by pro-Iranian militia in Iraq
By TOI staff and AFP
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