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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Putin-Rouhani cut deal to ensure Iran evades US sanctions, Israel said to warn
By TOI staff and Agencies
Agreement sealed in Tehran last month provides for Iran to export crude oil to Russia, where it will be refined and sold worldwide, Foreign Ministry document reportedly specifies
Border crossing between Israel and Syria opens for first time in 4 years
By Judah Ari Gross and Agencies
Syria and Jordan agree to reopen vital crossing after 3-year closure
By Albert Aji and OMAR AKOUR
Israeli aircraft said to destroy spying device in southern Lebanon
By TOI staff
Live updates (closed)
Australian PM discusses possible Jerusalem recognition with Netanyahu
By TOI staff
Scott Morrison reportedly weighing relocating Canberra’s embassy to the capital, may reconsider support for Iran deal
Man to be charged with hate crime for beating of New York Orthodox Jewish man
By JTA and TOI staff
Surveillance footage shows assailant, identified as Farrukh Afzal, punching 62-year-old man to the ground in middle of intersection, before chasing passerby who tries to intervene
Thorny legislation foreshadows early elections as Knesset winter session begins
3 contentious religion-and-state hot potatoes threaten to break up the government and spur a national poll. That might be just what Netanyahu wants
PMO said to boot official who blocked state renovation of Netanyahu private home
By Raoul Wootliff
Ultra-Orthodox faction signals it won’t topple coalition over enlistment bill
By Raoul Wootliff
Israel media review / Waiting for the end to come: 6 things to know for October 15
By Joshua Davidovich
Palestinian attempts to stab soldier in West Bank, is shot dead — IDF
By TOI staff
Attack takes place near Barkan Industrial Park, where a terrorist killed Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi last week
Israel arrests Palestinian suspected of shooting officer during home demolition
By Michael Bachner
Supreme Court justice escapes assault in West Bank
By Stuart Winer
Wearing tefillin could be good for the heart, US study indicates
By TOI staff
The act of tightly wrapping leather strap around the arm on a daily basis appears to help blood flow and lower risks of a heart attack, according to University of Cincinnati study
EU throws support behind beleaguered UN Mideast peace envoy
By Adam Rasgon
Amid anger over Gaza mediation efforts, PLO is boycotting Nikolay Mladenov for ‘stepping outside’ his role, and PA’s PM refused to meet him
US envoy tells Christian media: World secretly respects Trump’s Jerusalem move
By Raphael Ahren
1973 documents released
How Leonid Brezhnev almost escalated the Yom Kippur War into a nuclear nightmare
By Eric Cortellessa
Top Ops
Judith Colp Rubin
5 reasons I’m glad my kid chose Tel Aviv U.
Staying clear of American college costs would be good reason to stay in Israel, but that’s really not all there is to it
Shira Pasternak Be'eri
A jubilee of Jewish music
Velvel Pasternak became a master at transcribing elusive tunes, and preserved an entire heritage before anyone realized it was at risk (yes, he’s my dad)
Erik Ross
’Peel a banana upside down’
Creation sings, so we sing. Creation thumps and bumps in time, and so do we. It seems to be what God intended.
Paul Mirbach
Paradise has corners
What makes my home so special? It’s how my pulse slows and my heart settles; serenity pervades my breathing, and I am content
Ministers say no major Gaza military op until at least next week — report
By Tamar Pileggi
Security cabinet adopts a wait-and-see approach, despite threats from Netanyahu and Liberman of looming offensive in response to surge in violence
Air force carries out planned exercise at Tel Aviv base
By TOI staff
IDF returns F-35s to service after US crash grounded global fleet
By Judah Ari Gross
IDF strikes Gaza balloon launchers amid uptick in border violence
By TOI staff
4 activists arrested for obstructing police prep for Khan al-Ahmar demolition
By Jacob Magid
2 Israelis and 2 Palestinians detained after climbing on top of bulldozer outside central West Bank hamlet slated for razing
Army issues demolition order for home of Palestinian terror suspect
By TOI staff
Settlers accused of targeting Palestinian olive trees as harvest kicks off
By Jacob Magid
This balaboosta reigns over her own Israeli food empire, in New York City
By Jessica Steinberg
More Headlines
Netanyahu: We want ‘excellent relations’ with Indonesia
By Raphael Ahren
Merkel’s Bavarian allies suffer historic election losses
By Ralf ISERMANN and Frank Zeller
Lapid slams harsh rap of TV stars’ interfaith marriage, but says he opposes it
By Raoul Wootliff
Israeli brain scan-reading AI-based software gets thumbs up from FDA, Time
By Federico Maccioni
Photo essay / 93-year-old crowned Israel’s new ‘Miss Holocaust Survivor’
By TOI staff
TV report highlights exploitative illegal trade in work permits for Palestinians
By Stuart Winer
Hillary Clinton: Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power
By TOI staff and Agencies
Palestinian baby clings to life after heart transplant from Israeli child
Landing a deal / Israeli TV thriller ‘When Heroes Fly’ acquired by Netflix
By Michael Bachner
Sudanese asylum seeker rescues neighbor from Tel Aviv apartment fire
By TOI staff
Israeli lab set up to give clinical validation to cannabis research
By Shoshanna Solomon
Cop remanded in custody after admitting he fatally shot his wife
By TOI staff
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