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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Government orders closure of event halls, culture venues, gyms, bars, nightclubs
By TOI staff
Netanyahu says country ‘a step away’ from full lockdown as cabinet announces dramatic new virus restrictions; synagogues capped at 19 worshipers, all gatherings capped at 20 people
‘We’ve lost control’ of pandemic, top Israeli adviser says as active cases spike
By TOI staff
Where we went wrong: Expert says these 3 blunders caused new Israeli COVID chaos
By Nathan Jeffay
The intensity of the second wave reflects government’s failures, says former Health Ministry chief Prof. Gabi Barbash
Health Ministry ranks virus risk for activities as daily cases hold below 800
By TOI staff
Government pushes bill to let it enact virus restrictions before Knesset okay
By TOI staff
Live updates (closed)
Report: Mossad foiled Iranian attacks on Israeli embassies in Europe, elsewhere
By Joshua Davidovich
Unsourced report comes as tensions between Israel and Iran on rise following claims that Jerusalem behind devastating bombing of Natanz nuclear facility
Israel media review
Death of a thousand cases: 5 things to know for July 6
By Joshua Davidovich
Ministers mull new restrictions amid prophecies of virus doom and gloom, and handwringing over how badly country screwed up its return to normal and is still messing up tracking
Phone tracking sends thousands to isolation, but many say system makes mistakes
By TOI staff
Top ultra-Orthodox MK threatens party will exit coalition if yeshivas shuttered
By Sam Sokol
Israel was behind blast at Iran nuclear site, Mideast intel official tells NYT
By TOI staff and AP
Officials says powerful bomb was used to damage building involved in centrifuge production at Natanz, denies Israeli connection to other recent fires in the Islamic Republic
Iran admits fire at Natanz nuclear site set back its centrifuge program
By TOI staff and AP
Iran claims to have built underground ‘missile cities’ on Gulf coast
By TOI staff
With Iran in its sights, Israel launches new spy satellite into orbit
By Judah Ari Gross
Ofek-16, an ‘optoelectronic reconnaissance satellite with advanced capabilities,’ undergoing tests after entering orbit. Netanyahu: Boosts ability to tackle enemies ‘near and far’
Liberman appears to accuse Mossad head of leaking Israeli role in Iran attack
By TOI staff
Mossad chief’s term extended, amid speculation of covert war with Iran
By TOI staff
Top Ops
Rachel Sharansky Danziger
Israel’s social workers are on strike; my sister is one of them
So often, social workers remain at their posts, with compassion and care for their clients, in spite of their abysmal working conditions and offensive salaries. No longer
Naomi Chazan
Why bother listening when you can just issue a decree?
The government announcement of a blanket ban on in-person university exams is a textbook example of how not to lead during a pandemic
inside story
Ready for action and hopeful for change: Meet Blue and White’s 4 new female MKs
3 attorneys and a journalist thought their dreams of entering the Knesset were over. Then a new law reshuffled the cards
Flubbed split means Jewish Home’s Peretz may not be legally serving as minister
By Noam Eynav
Israeli-owned NYC Mediterranean takeout brand may be restaurant of the future
By Gabe Friedman
IDF strikes Hamas targets in response to Gaza rocket fire
By Judah Ari Gross and TOI staff
Israeli military bombs observation post, apparent underground rocket launchers, after 3 projectiles fired into Israel from the Strip
Three rockets fired at Israel from Gaza as border region heats up
By TOI staff and Judah Ari Gross
Israel taps first-ever Bedouin ambassador to head Eritrea mission
By TOI staff
Decision comes weeks after Ishmael Khaldi, who was also first-ever Bedouin diplomat, made headlines by accusing security guards in Jerusalem of kneeling on his neck
Prominent diplomatic correspondent, a Netanyahu critic, loses his TV job
covid-19 crisis
Health largely OK, but job prospects for the young on life support amid pandemic
If young unemployed don’t get back to work quickly, they can get stuck on the margins of the labor force for good
Protesting working conditions, social workers launch open-ended strike
By TOI staff
More Headlines
Driver in fatal 2015 West Bank terror ramming sentenced to life
By Jacob Magid
Soccer players suspected of statutory rape named as Omer Atzili, Dor Micha
By TOI staff
Kansas newspaper removes cartoon likening mask mandate to the Holocaust
By Marcy Oster
Government okays plan to bolster Diaspora Jewry, but sparse on details
By Raphael Ahren
Iran negotiating 25-year ‘strategic accord’ with China
Epstein associate Maxwell took pic with Kevin Spacey on Queen Elizabeth’s throne
By TOI staff and Agencies
Drones, pollution sensors aim to make work at Ashdod port smarter
By Shoshanna Solomon
6 injured as settlers and Palestinians clash in northern West Bank
By Jacob Magid and Aaron Boxerman
Conspiracy theorist Congress candidate demonizes Soros, claims Beyoncé not Black
By TOI staff
Egypt arrests doctors, silences critics over virus outbreak