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Sunday, November 29, 2020

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Nuke chief’s death said to be ‘pinnacle’ of Israeli strategy to thwart Iran bomb
By TOI staff and Agencies
Western intel officials tell TV Fakhrizadeh killing was key to long-term bid to stop Iran nukes; Jerusalem braces for response; US media posits goal was to rule out Biden diplomacy
World should thank Israel for hit on Iran nuke chief, Israeli official tells NYT
By TOI staff and Agencies
Iran claims slain nuclear scientist was working on virus detection kit, vaccine
By TOI staff
Iranian newspaper urges striking Haifa in retaliation for Fakhrizadeh killing
By Agencies and TOI staff
Columnist says Israeli coastal city should suffer assault that destroys facilities and ‘also causes heavy human casualties’
Iranians burn Israel and US flags, Trump and Biden photos after scientist killed
By TOI staff
Widow of slain Iran nuclear scientist: His wish to be ‘martyred’ came true
By TOI staff and Agencies
Israeli missions, Jews around world said on alert after hit on Iran nuke chief
By TOI staff and Agencies
TV reports say embassies, communities heighten security as Iran promises to avenge assassination of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, allegedly by Israel
J Street denounces killing of top Iranian nuclear scientist
By TOI staff and Agencies
Live updates
Chanting ‘death to Israel,’ Iran MPs seek to boost enrichment, block inspectors
By Joshua Davidovich
Lawmakers in Tehran hold special session on killing of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, demanding response by ending cooperation with IAEA inspection regime
Israeli windsurfers win gold, two silvers at European Championships
By TOI staff
Yoav Cohen, Shahar Tzuberi take top two spots in men’s race, while Katy Spychakov wins second in women’s category; medals follow wins in gymnastics, judo
Israeli men’s team beats basketball powerhouse Spain in EuroBasket qualifier
By TOI staff
Two-thirds of Israelis returning from abroad break quarantine — report
By TOI staff
Health officials reportedly mull compelling all travelers to get tested prior to arrival in Israel as 1-2% of arrivals said to be infected; Edelstein: ‘Pandemic is being imported’
New virus infections top 1,000 for 3rd straight day; outbreak at Dead Sea hotel
By TOI staff
High schoolers return to classrooms, but principals say most studies stay online
By TOI staff
Israel media review
Killer moves: What the press is saying on November 29
By Joshua Davidovich
Israel’s reported assassination of the ‘father’ of Iran’s nuke program brings the world of skullduggery to the surface as pundits weigh the possible ramifications from Tehran to DC
Top Ops
Boaz Dvir
The Partition Plan in perspective
A snapshot of the UN in 1947, when 6 Arab nations walked out of the assembly and the world didn’t know that the US would vote in favor of dividing the land between Arabs and Jews
Joshua Hammerman
God prefers parishioners who aren’t dead
The most essential service we clergy can provide is to help people survive until next Shabbat — or to whenever the vaccine brings immunity. Nothing else matters
Watergen signs deal with UAE’s Al Dhara to sell ‘water-from-air’ units to region
By Shoshanna Solomon
Partnership with Abu Dhabi-based multinational will target agriculture sector, offices and apartment buildings, hotels and industrial plants, Watergen says
Tel Aviv’s Zencity wins international award for ‘pioneering’ smart city project
By Jake Epstein
Jewish psychedelics reformer Rick Doblin wants to see therapeutic MDMA legalized
By Ben Harris
Head of nonprofit psychedelics research center MAPS celebrates phase 3 trial results showing Ecstasy can treat PTSD; says tripping was better rite of passage than his bar mitzvah
Bahrainis tour Temple Mount, hide IDs for fear Muslim authorities would bar them
By TOI staff
Delegation head, a member of ruling royal family, says the Waqf would have prevented their visit; Manama’s industry minister set to lead economic trip to Israel on Tuesday
After denial, Sudan reportedly confirms visit by Israeli delegation last week
By Aaron Boxerman
Trump considering announcing 2024 run during Biden inauguration — report
By TOI staff
US president reportedly exploring how to best time declaration of intention to seek presidency in four years, brags that networks will cover him over ‘boring’ successor
Explainer / Enter the Parler: Trump fans flock to platform where anti-Semitism has thrived
By alex newhouse
Pennsylvania high court throws out lawsuit challenging US election
By Marc Levy
Several thousand attend protests against PM in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Caesaria
By TOI staff
Turnout remains lower than during the height of summer; Netanyahu’s son posts tweet seemingly comparing Black Flag protest movement to Islamic State
2 Sudanese migrants arrested after crossing into Israel from Lebanon
By TOI staff
Border breach prompts army to shoot up flares, alarming local residents, before incident is determined to not be security-related
Iranian national caught after sneaking onto Israeli-owned ship — report
By TOI staff
More Headlines
Senior cop indicted for beating protesters at anti-Netanyahu rally
By TOI staff
Israeli freed early from jail where he was serving time for Thailand offenses
By TOI staff
UK hospitals expected to receive first virus vaccines by December 7
By TOI staff and Agencies
Suspect arrested for fatally shooting a man he says was trying to steal his car
By TOI staff