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Friday, March 24, 2023

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Mounted police, water cannons disperse protesters in Tel Aviv, Haifa; dozens arrested
By ToI Staff
‘Day of Paralysis’ rallies rage nationwide against judicial overhaul; Ayalon Highway blocked for hours; in lead-up to controversial Bnei Brak rally, president urges restraint
‘Day of paralysis’: Anti-overhaul activists block roads, bring protest to ministers
By ToI Staff
Opposition decries ‘political arrests’ as several central protest leaders detained
By Jeremy Sharon
Shikma Bressler, Kalanit Sharon, Rotem Perelman-Farhi arrested during nationwide rallies; cops say at least two of the arrests were due to ‘disturbance of public order’
Knesset passes law shielding Netanyahu from court-ordered recusal 61-47
By ToI Staff and Carrie Keller-Lynn
Final readings of Likud-sponsored bill, seen as tailored to save PM from potential legal trouble, approved after long night of heated debate; Lapid blasts ‘obscene, corrupt law’
ToI podcast / Daily Briefing Mar 23: Recusal law passes just before ‘day of paralysis’ dawns
By ToI Staff
Knesset panel to resume vote on reservations to judicial appointments bill on Sunday
By Carrie Keller-Lynn and ToI Staff
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Rabbi Pinchas Goldshmidt on Moscow’s Jewish community
Join Steve and the exiled Chief Rabbi of Moscow – Rabbi Pinchas Goldshmidt – as they discuss the challenges of rebuilding this Jewish community.
This Passover, Israel will recall ancient freedom under the threat of modern tyranny
No divine force is hardening Netanyahu’s heart. And yet he and his viziers, with their legislative decrees, are tearing apart our astonishing nation
Analysis / ‘Gun is on the table’: Both sides of overhaul clash say constitutional crisis coming
By Ben Sales
Live updates (closed)
LIVE: Police use force to clear Tel Aviv highway after more than 2 hours, 42 arrested
By ToI Staff
In address, Netanyahu says he is attentive to concerns of opponents and will work to safeguard civil rights, but key component of plan to proceed next week without change
Between the court and the Knesset, overhaul critics and advocates pray for unity
By Canaan Lidor
Songs replace speeches at an unusual rally focused on healing the deepening political and societal rift
IDF chief said to warn PM of deepening military crisis if judicial overhaul approved
By ToI Staff
Halevi, Netanyahu meet in Jerusalem for routine security briefing, during which military leader reportedly conveys worries over deepening upheaval
As more reservists refuse to serve, IDF said seeing drop in troops reporting for duty
By ToI Staff
Judicial overhaul can’t trump civil war, Jewish Agency and its US backers tell PM
By Canaan Lidor
PM’s failure to secure calm on home front hastens inevitable breakdown in US ties
From judicial overhaul push to settlement expansion to Smotrich, not a week has gone by without a ‘backyard fire’; US official: We want calm so we can work on issues together
Senior UAE official dispatched to warn Netanyahu over potential crisis in ties
By Ash Obel
Amman’s parliament displays Israel with Palestine-Jordan flag, calls to expel envoy
By ToI Staff
Top Ops
Zev Chafets
Separation now
Liberals can’t seduce Haredim with modernity. Haredim can’t seduce liberals with the Talmud. It’s time to stop pretending
Michael Brenner
Herzl to Heritage Minister Eliyahu: Have you actually read my books?
A missive from the father of modern Zionism to the politician who quoted him: I like to keep religion and state separate
As judicial overhaul advances and fight heats up, Netanyahu heading for London
By Lazar Berman
PM to meet British counterpart Rishi Sunak to talk Iran during weekend trip, with protesters preparing rallies against his domestic policies
‘Crisis over’: Israeli, Polish FMs sign deal to mend ties, return envoy to Tel Aviv
By Lazar Berman

Recusal law passes just before ‘day of paralysis’ dawns

MKs confront Ben Gvir with cries of ‘shame’ as bill to monitor abusers voted down
By Carrie Keller-Lynn and ToI Staff
Chaos erupts in Knesset, with opposition members standing near podium yelling at minister, waving electronic bracelets that measure would have forced on domestic abuse offenders
Despite PM’s assurances, Christian Zionists bedeviled by anti-missionary bill
By Lazar Berman
UTJ-sponsored bill, submitted at start of every Knesset, is not meant to become law, says spokesman — but millions of Christian supporters of Israel globally have taken notice
Oldest and most complete Hebrew Bible manuscript on display in Israel for 1st time
By Jessica Steinberg
The Codex Sassoon, valued at $30-$50 million, can be viewed for free at Tel Aviv’s Anu Museum ahead of its Sotheby’s New York sale
Record 3,700 antisemitic incidents reported in US in 2022, says ADL
By Luke Tress
Large increases recorded in attacks on Orthodox Jews, bomb threats, white supremacist propaganda and racism in schools, group’s annual audit finds
Michigan GOP tweet compares gun control to the Holocaust
By Andrew Lapin
NYC public college under fire for funding, organizing anti-Israel activities
By Luke Tress
Behind the headlines
Confused and concerned? Join ToI for live in-depth analysis of the judicial overhaul
Send in your questions and on March 26, ToI Community members will have exclusive access to ToI editor David Horovitz and senior analyst Haviv Rettig Gur’s sometimes divergent takes
Wanted Palestinian gunman killed by Israeli forces in West Bank raid
By Emanuel Fabian
Police say Amir Khadijah behind series of shootings near Tulkarem; Israeli motorists, army post targeted in separate shooting attacks
Hezbollah chief says Megiddo bombing ‘confused’ Israel, won’t comment further
By Emanuel Fabian
UN Security Council meeting calls for letup in flaring Israeli-Palestinian violence
More Headlines
Panel finds Assuta Rishon Lezion IVF mix-up due to embryologists’ too-heavy workload
By Renee Ghert-Zand
Health Ministry recalls Telefrost green beans after bacteria spotted
By ToI Staff
Tel Aviv startup ecosystem ranks 2nd in Europe, Mideast and Africa, behind London
By Sharon Wrobel
UK man charged with attempting to murder two people outside mosques
Lawyers for Pittsburgh synagogue shooter say he has schizophrenia, brain impairments
Education Ministry won’t fire teachers who ran racist chat mocking black students
By ToI Staff
Jury deliberation begins in Australian sex abuse trial for Israeli principal Leifer
By AP and Jacob Magid
Russia’s security chief blasts West, dangles nuclear threats
Israel struck out at World Baseball Classic, but team’s Twitter account was a hit
By jacob gurvis
Ramadan mubarak: Holy month of fasting begins for Muslims across the world
By Agencies and ToI Staff
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