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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Synagogue staffer, Mexican grandfather among 6 shot dead in Chicago’s Highland Park
By TOI staff and Agencies
North Shore Congregation Israel identifies Jacki Sundheim as one of the victims; Nicholas Toledo, 78, had been visiting family from Mexico; 4 other fatalities yet to be identified
6 dead, 31 wounded in shooting at Chicago-area July 4 parade
By Jacob Magid and AP
Chabad rabbi says alleged July 4 Chicago shooter entered his synagogue on Passover
By TOI staff and Agencies
ToI investigates
After bar mitzvah overrun by zealots, parents lament: ‘We saw Israel at its lowest’
By Judah Ari Gross
Ultra-Orthodox boys and men disrupted prayer services at the egalitarian section of the Western Wall as police stood by; those in attendance say it shook their connection to Israel
Daily Briefing Jul 5: Western Wall fracas; exclusive National Security Council study
By TOI staff
Key witness at trial describes the Netanyahus’ incessant demands for gifts
By Jeremy Sharon
Hadas Klein, aide to billionaires Arnon Milchan and James Packer, tells court about continuous supply of luxury goods she helped deliver to the former premier and his wife
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Live updates (closed)
LIVE: US envoy ‘deeply disturbed’ by disruption of Americans’ Western Wall bar mitzvahs
By Michael Bachner
US authorities offer new details on deadly Highland Park shooting, say perpetrator wore women’s clothes to blend in
US says Abu Akleh bullet test inconclusive, IDF likely shot her by mistake
By Aaron Boxerman, Jacob Magid and Emanuel Fabian
Israeli officials disappointed American probe doesn’t exonerate IDF in killing of Al Jazeera reporter; Palestinians assail conclusions, say Israeli soldiers definitively to blame
PA blasts inconclusive American Abu Akleh findings; Israel irked over partial blame
By Aaron Boxerman and Jacob Magid
Taking off to Paris, Lapid says Lebanon must ‘rein in’ Hezbollah, or Israel will
By Lazar Berman
Setting out on first trip abroad, new PM says ‘dangerous’ Iran nuclear deal, which Israel unanimously opposes, will top the agenda in his talks with the French president
In Paris meeting with Macron, Lapid to send a warning to Hezbollah
By Lazar Berman
Lebanese leaders slam Hezbollah for flying drones at Israeli gas rig
By AP and TOI staff

Daily Briefing Jul 5: Western Wall fracas; exclusive National Security Council study

Moscow makes tough demands of Jewish Agency, complicating its activities in Russia
By Judah Ari Gross
Semi-governmental organization stresses that Moscow has not ordered it to cease its activities, says it is reviewing its options
Russia demands Israel unconditionally cease its ‘unacceptable’ Syria airstrikes
By TOI staff and Agencies
‘I’m terrified’: WNBA star detained in Russia appeals to Biden for help
Bnei Brak man seriously hurt in suspected terror stabbing
By Emanuel Fabian
47-year-old tells medics he was attacked while crossing highway between ultra-Orthodox city and Givat Shmuel; police launch manhunt
Palestinians briefly capture Israeli military dog set on suspect in West Bank
By Emanuel Fabian
Family of slain South African immigrant starts global drive to complete Torah scroll
By Jacob Rivkin
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DON’T MISS, TONIGHT: Hi-tech archaeology reveals ancient Jerusalem’s destructions
By TOI staff
On July 6, join us for 2nd in ToI@10 series: Archaeologists Jodi Magness and Joe Uziel in conversation with ToI’s Amanda Borschel-Dan at Jerusalem’s Begin Center — plus live music!
Top Ops
Dan Perry
Massacre on the Fourth of July
The latest US Supreme Court rulings were enabled by a Constitution that lets a minority of Americans impose their radical conservative views on everyone else
Efraim Zuroff
A 101-year-old Nazi is convicted: Late justice is still justice
Josef Schutze lived to hear a German judge sentence him for helping murder thousands of Sachsenhausen concentration camp inmates. That’s a victory.
Greece frees Israeli arrested on ‘mistaken’ Interpol warrant, but he can’t leave yet
By TOI staff
Dudi Ashkenazi ordered to stay on island of Rhodes until final decision; Israel says Peru’s international arrest warrant for drug offenses misidentified him as the culprit
1 killed as police open fire on suspects in underworld bombing in north
By TOI staff
Likud stalwart Steinitz announces retirement weeks before primaries
By Carrie Keller-Lynn
Former minister, a 23-year veteran of the Knesset, cites need for ‘some fresh air’; primaries expected August 2
Labor’s Michaeli won’t nix sitting with ultra-Orthodox, rules out merger with Meretz
By TOI staff
Bills on US visa-free travel, Tel Aviv metro nixed on last Knesset day before recess
By Carrie Keller-Lynn
Israel pushes off contentious E1 settlement project amid US pressure
By Jacob Magid
Defense Ministry panel’s meeting on objections to massive housing plan delayed from four days after Biden’s trip until September 12
Israeli journalist visits Saudi Arabia amid speculation on breakthrough in ties
By TOI staff
Israeli light rail company hit in cyberattack amid Iranian reports of ‘metro hack’
By TOI staff
Denial of service, said to cause no lasting damage, is latest apparent salvo in Israel-Iran cyberwar
Iran says nuclear deal still possible despite lack of progress in Doha talks
Uninvited guest
An ibex walks into a hotel room…
By TOI staff
‘What do we do?’ guests ask after encountering the wild animal in their luxury Mitzpe Ramon room
Arts philanthropy Reboot creates studio to fund Jewish projects from podcasts to TV
By Andrew Lapin
More Headlines
NATO states sign entry protocols for Sweden and Finland, further isolating Russia
By Raf Casert
Bank of Israel raises interest rate to 1.25% to rein in inflation
By Joshua Davidovich and Ricky Ben-David
Israel earmarks over $1 million for academic research into new food technologies
By Ricky Ben-David
AG hints she could okay appointment of IDF head before election: ‘No absolute ban’
By Emanuel Fabian
Prison officer fired over claims he ‘pimped’ female guards to Palestinian inmates
By Emanuel Fabian
UN official sees Israel primed to lead globe in developing carbon capture tech
By Sue Surkes
Israel launches low-altitude air transport exercise over Romania
By Emanuel Fabian
Police release suspect in missing teenager case, as parents turn to Gantz for help
By TOI staff
In wake of polio outbreak, baby vaccine rate rises to 96%
By Nathan Jeffay
Italy blames climate change for deadly glacier collapse
By Francesco Gilioli and Ella Ide
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