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Friday, March 1, 2024

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Streams of Shattered Consciousness

US blocks Security Council motion blaming Israel for deadly Gaza aid convoy incident
By Agencies and Emanuel Fabian
Palestinian envoy says he implored members to go after ‘those responsible for this massacre’; Washington says facts not yet clear; Israel says most victims died in a stampede
US seeks probe of Gaza aid stampede; IDF ‘tried to disperse mob’ that ambushed trucks
By Emanuel Fabian and Agencies
Biden: US checking ‘competing versions’ of Gaza aid trucks incident
By ToI Staff and Agencies
The far-reaching consequences of Thursday’s Gaza aid disaster
Deadly incident will likely complicate both war aims — dismantling Hamas and returning the hostages — exacerbate friction on other fronts, boost global calls for permanent ceasefire
ToI podcast / Daily Briefing Mar 1: Day 147 – Chain of events of deadly stampede in Gaza unraveled
By ToI Staff
Live updates
LIVE: EU chief ‘deeply disturbed’ by Gaza crush, adding pressure on Israel for investigation
By Jacob Magid and ToI Staff
Global condemnations of Israel mount over mass-casualty incident surrounding Gaza aid convoy * Hostage families carry stretchers symbolizing captives on 3rd day of trek to Jerusalem
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Walking through broken glass
The aftermath of October 7th has been comprised of foundations and intuitions the Jewish world has relied on that have been violently shattered.
Poll finds nearly 1 in 4 Americans hold antisemitic views, highest in 60 years
By ToI Staff and JTA
ADL chief decries ‘shocking’ results of survey, which shows younger respondents most likely to agree with anti-Jewish tropes, have little problem with backing for Hamas
In DC, Jewish students tell House committee: ‘It’s open season on Jews on our campus’
By Jordana Horn
Months after the Education and Workforce Committee hearing that contributed to the resignation of top school presidents, Jewish students say the hatred continues unchecked
Complaint against Middlebury College alleges discrimination aimed at Jewish students
By Cathryn J. Prince
Title VI civil rights grievance filed by the StandWithUs Center for Legal Justice says Vermont school retaliated against those who claimed to suffer antisemitism on campus
Canadian student union rejects vote to boot Hillel from campus, boycott Israel
By Andrew Lapin
Hostage’s wife gives birth to couple’s second child, 5 months into his captivity
By ToI Staff
Michal Lubnov and newborn doing well and surrounded by family, hospital says; Michal has said every day is a struggle, but husband Alex ‘needs me strong and fighting, for the kids’
Top Ops
Anna Abramzon
Jewish artists won’t be silenced
With art, we express defiance, process loss, and achieve freedom, like the captive girl’s drawings found underground — of mountains, houses, and a sunny sky
Arnie Singer
Why does the world tolerate barbaric Hamas?
The terror organization’s tactics are as sadistic as those of ISIS, yet the world understood that ISIS had to be destroyed
Inna Serebro-Litvak
J Street says it’s pro-Israel, but backs those opposing emergency aid for Israel
What is the organization trying to achieve by supporting those who would deny Israel its right to defend itself?
Frederick L. Klein
Living in a world of zealous gods
Just as Moses deflected God’s wrath after the betrayal of the Golden Calf, we must stop short of allowing even justified anger from devolving into violence (Ki Tisa)
Curbing hostage deal hopes, Netanyahu says Hamas putting up ‘brick wall’ of demands
By Lazar Berman
In press conference, PM says terror group refuses to move toward compromise, pledges Rafah operation will take place; claims that elections would mean ‘defeat’ for Israel in Gaza
UN rights chief says ‘all parties’ guilty of war crimes in Gaza, as ex-hostage looks on
By Agencies and ToI Staff
Pentagon head says over 25,000 women, kids killed in Gaza, inflating Hamas claim
By Agencies and ToI Staff
Far-right activists break into Gaza, try to reestablish Israeli settlement
By Jeremy Sharon
Some make it 500 meters into Strip before being turned back; army says makeshift structures near Erez Crossing erected within Israeli territory
Those We Are Missing

The hostages and victims whose fate is still unknown

Rabbi, teen hitchhiker killed in terror shooting at West Bank gas station
By Emanuel Fabian
Yitzhak Zeiger, 57-year-old father of 3, slain while pumping gas near settlement of Eli, along with Uria Hartum, 16; gunman, named as PA cop, shot dead at scene by restaurateur
Israel frees dozens of Palestinians in administrative detention, citing lack of space
By ToI Staff and Agencies
Palestinian-US woman held for supporting Hamas freed on bail to West Bank home
By Agencies and ToI Staff
‘This is for Gaza’: George Galloway wins UK seat after campaigning against Israel
By Agencies and ToI Staff
In victory speech, veteran left-winger says Keir Starmer ‘will pay a high price’ for backing Jewish state against Hamas, claims the Labour party leader is in the ‘pocket of Israel’
Those We Have Lost

Those We Have Lost

Civilians and soldiers who have fallen since Oct. 7

ToI podcast
What Matters Now to Haviv Rettig Gur: Haredim have to defend Israel, too
By Amanda Borschel-Dan
ToI’s senior analyst weighs in on the increasingly heavy burden shouldered by secular and religious-Zionist Israel
Under shadow of war, conference of left-wing religious Jews grows its numbers
By Charlie Summers
Seeking to offer an alternative to religious right-wing politicians, organization representing Israel’s ‘faithful left’ focuses on Gaza war, hostage deal at second annual gathering
Israeli strike kills IRGC official and 2 Hezbollah members in Syria — Iranian media
By Agencies and ToI Staff
Local hospital officials say 7 people injured in blast near city of Baniyas; no comment from Israel
Iran holds first parliament election since 2022 protests; low turnout likely

Day 147 – Chain of events of deadly stampede in Gaza unraveled

For Argentina’s Jews, October 7 revives nightmare of 1994 AMIA terror bombing
Hamas attack also unleashes familiar feelings of grief and fear for Jewish community members whose relatives were taken hostage or killed
More Headlines
El Al reports record profits amid war, as Israeli public decries high prices
By Reuters and ToI Staff
‘7 Blessings’ lead actor and writer tells behind-the-scenes story of award-winning film
By ToI Staff
Ten judges appointed to magistrates courts in second round of judicial appointments
By Jeremy Sharon
Comedic bashing / Michael Rapaport skewers Hollywood in ‘Eretz Nehederet’ skit
By Jessica Steinberg
Norway confirms transferring $114 million in frozen tax funds to Ramallah
By Agencies and ToI Staff
Journalism leaders express support for Gaza reporters, ask for more protection
By Agencies and ToI Staff
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