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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

On a mission… in a sex shop
By Nancy Cahners
When a salesperson offered to help, I was glad I’d looked up the Hebrew for ’Do you sell comfortable bondage?’ I was, of course, asking for a friend
When I was right, Colin Powell was wrong…
…and to his everlasting credit, he admitted it. America and the world need leaders like him more than ever.
Is it antisemitic to wear the yellow star?
In fixating on the Holocaust symbol, opponents of Coronavirus mitigation present Jews as figures of disgust for enabling their own destruction
This rabbi loves Halloween
By Kim Blumenthal
This American holiday of candy and costumes has evolved to be a wholly secular occasion and living in diversity means absorbing and adopting traditions
On teaching ‘opposing’ views of the Holocaust and systemic racism
Educators must contextualize the facts surrounding historical events so students can wrestle with alternative perspectives on why these events occurred
We should embrace Dave Chappelle’s ‘Space Jews’
By Dovid Kornreich
The comedian ​hit on a truth: Jews are in a close relationship with an extra-cosmic Being. As such, we never fully blend in with the terrestrials, and that’s a good thing.
A US consulate in Jerusalem states that Jerusalem is not in Israel
The US would ’deepen ties with Palestinians’ if it provided accessible consular services in Ramallah, but there’s no practical need for new services in Jerusalem
Abraham to Auschwitz: A theology from the fiery furnace
After the crematoria, the God who saves His faithful at the last minute was no more, yet the Jews still believed, finding the Divine with them in the flames
Forced to leave Israel by Rabbinate and Interior Ministry
By Maria Verbova
No government should push its citizens out of the country, but that’s what happened when my overseas marriage wasn’t recognized and my love lost his visa
A tragic wake-up call: The Rabin assassination as a catalyst for social change
By Shay Nave
The prime minister’s murder spurred me to leave my comfort zone and work to spark dialogue among people who disagree, because not getting along is not an option
more choice voices
Nathan Bigman
For the planet: Public transportation on Shabbat
Take it from an aspiring nudist: Ramming the Sabbath down people’s throats accomplishes nothing positive
Marc Kornblatt
Tangling pigeons in a Tel Aviv park – this cruelty needs to end
Our feathered friends are hopping on synthetic mesh with dire consequences to their lives and limbs. The city’s promises to fix things have come to nothing.
Avidan Freedman
The Abraham Accords: What would Abraham say?
In response to a deal in which Israel sells weapons to despotic regimes, the Biblical patriarch would surely say: ’Not in my name’
Andrew Silow-Carroll
What the Tree of Life shooting revealed about American Jewry
A new book on the Squirrel Hill Jewish community tells a bigger story about a nation in a time of mass shootings, political polarization and spiritual malaise
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