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Thursday, June 27, 2019
Do you have info about Holocaust hero Martin Bercovici?
By William Echikson
The Romanian electrical engineer saved hundreds of fellow Jews. His daughter is hoping you can help her tell his story
1,500 Chernobyl ‘liquidators’ live in Israel. They are appallingly mistreated
A 2001 law promised housing, medical care to this group of heroes, but scandalously has never been implemented. Maybe interest sparked by the remarkable TV series will change that
My name is Abdol, and I care about my country, the State of Israel
Israel’s Arab citizens have suffered doubly in each war, and we win doubly with every step we take toward peace
Trump’s new Heights of popularity in Israel
Even the Israeli left knows naming a new town for the US president is a smart move — may it bring blessings of prosperity
Dear AOC, not everything is the Holocaust
Comparing atrocities is never useful, and this comparison undermines the horrifying nature of the Holocaust
Sexual predators thrive in our midst
By Daniella Levy
This country protects child sex abusers and silences their victims — and the vast majority of perpetrators are not Arabs, but Jews
Every question-and-answer session at every Jewish event ever
I’d like to now give a fairly lengthy explanation about that, while ignoring the large number of hands being raised in the room
The Conservative movement isn’t living up to its potential
When you try to be all things to all people, you dilute the unique approach to tradition and modernity that makes you worthwhile
Blame it on the boogie: Stories in the key of listen up
Pull up a chair and press play to hear the WhyWhyWhy! podcast. Then come to a live performance, or maybe even tell a story yourself
One more ‘niggun,’ please
Sing with your eyes shut tight and your heart wide open — that’s what my grandfather Velvel Pasternak did. Join me in honoring his memory
My sister and the grief she left for me
By Bracha Goldstein
It is June two years ago and I am walking on broken glass. My mother calls. ’She’s ready.’ Okay, I say calmly. I’ll be right there
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Yael Unterman
Does the story of Moses’ wife encourage racism?
When Miriam and Aaron slandered their brother, what were they saying? And what really set Moses apart from his siblings? (Behaalotcha)
Dan Perry
Israel’s liberal democracy under attack by ‘democracy’
As once-fringe notions go mainstream, preserving democracy may require a battle against the instincts of the majority
Tamar Ariav
Consolidate Israel’s institutions of higher education
A glut of universities and colleges now compete for scarce students and resources — the crisis needs a comprehensive solution
David Sass
50 years later, I’m eulogizing my dad at last
I will no longer avoid the story of how he was senselessly murdered
Mark Lavie
Egypt’s Morsi never had a chance
Why the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring failed their followers, and other lessons from the blunder of a democracy in a society not set up for it
Amir Fuchs and Ofer Kenig
Knesset in limbo
Everything you wanted to know about Israel’s transitional government, but didn’t know whom to ask
Udi Dekel
The Trump peace plan sounds a lot like the Israeli peace plan
If there’s no evacuation of Jewish settlements, what sort of border could be drawn between Israel and the Palestinians?
Amichai Cohen
In the do-over elections, and forever, we’ll all be smarter
Voters got to see how parties behaved after elections, and parties now know the real risk of a hardline negotiation stance
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