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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Syrian artillery shells fell around them. They kept walking.
By Yuval Krausz
It was the Yom Kippur War, in the heat of battle, and as those bearded men in black came toward me I no longer felt fear
Yom Kippur with Mr. Fishbag
By Varda Spiegel
He took a seat in front of us and the entire row of worshippers cleared out; Here’s what my Holocaust-survivor mother told us
Journalists’ vidui
A Times of Israel editor confesses a litany of sins, from sensationalism to misleading headlines to relying on Wikipedia
Tenth for a minyan
I know I don’t count to make the quorum for Orthodox prayer, but it hits me differently as I stand waiting for the men to arrive
It’s 5780! But wait, we don’t really think that
At least, we don’t really believe that that’s the age of the earth, and it’s important to say that we don’t
Nobody guessed he’d stab her to death: Michal Sela
Domestic violence is a weapon from within, turning your most intimate and safe spaces against you
Is ’dementia prevention’ just blaming the victim?
The Health Ministry should stop harping on diet and exercise and focus on better diagnostics and managing behavioral symptoms
Let’s see those leadership skills, Mr. Netanyahu
The prime minister who has done a good deal to divide Israeli society can do a good deal to put it back together
WATCH: ‘Israel will separate state and religion’
Historian Aviad Kleinberg says most secular Israelis aren’t detached from Judaism: Even most atheists still circumcise their sons
Time for a crash course on religious toleration
As long as Haredim view IDF service as a religious violation, coercion will not work; what that means for a potential coalition merits careful consideration
more Choice voices
Elli Fischer
Jewish law says they’re married; the Rabbinate says, not so much
When Israel’s state rabbis undermine private weddings, they are consolidating their own power, not protecting Halakhah
Shayna Goldberg
The liberating fear of Yom Kippur
The Days of Awe should be awe-inspiring, shaking us out of our routines and reminding us of the fragility of life
Hara Person
Atoning in a time of hatred and division
Slavery was abolished in the US long ago, but the hatred its foundations foment will only be gone when we all pitch in to foster the country’s healing
Max Blankfeld
DNA, aka: Discrimination Not Accepted
Use DNA testing to validate Jewish ancestry, sure, but excluding Israeli immigrants and their children from Judaism on this basis is just wrong
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