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Friday, February 21, 2020
When Egypt decided to restore a beautiful synagogue
By Andrew Baker
There are virtually no Jews in Alexandria to make use of the again-glorious edifice, but its message of diversity should reach everyone
Israel’s third election needs a game-changer. Will it get one?
The future of Israel’s slowly eroding democracy doesn’t just depend on whom you vote for – but on who votes!
Naomi Chazan
The perpetual elections virus
The last weeks of this third round of Israeli elections are accompanied by intense – almost frenetic – activity by party leaders and a handful of their diehard supporters. Most Israelis are no longer listening. They are busy distancing themselves from the campaign as if it were more contagious than the coronavirus. Whatever the actual outcome of the March 2nd ballot, ongoing electoral cycles have the effect of not only stripping the last vestiges of popular confidence in the system, but also of totally undoing what's left of the democratic...
Hotels: Don’t flush water down the drain at your buffets
We’re all worried about the water needed to wash extra towels, but we don’t care about the thousands of liters used to grow the food we throw away
Ein Bokek: Going after the polluters
Is this a tragic tale of unchecked industrial pollution or an inspiring story of one angry citizen’s gutsy tenacity? Yes.
Can I come to your house for Shabbat?
By Sally Abrams
When a non-Jewish tween heard me describe our weekly Sabbath dinner, his next question suggested a hunger for meaning and connection that he couldn’t quite name
Decimal system
The Ten Commandments offer a framework that categorizes all the other laws. They also include a succinct reminder of Sinai (Yitro)
Talmud, every day
Moses discovered early how necessary the Oral Law is to understand the Torah — it’s one reason I believe everyone should try learning Daf Yomi (Yitro)
‘You’re mine, you’re not leaving, I won’t let you go’
When police removed my husband from the home because he was violent, I dared to seek a divorce. When he refused, I found support
Subduing the beast I didn’t know dwelled within
By Miriam S. D. Berger
I had never been claustrophobic, never. Then suddenly, I couldn’t sleep with the windows closed, let alone enter an elevator or a subway car or a plane
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Joshua Hammerman
The Moses Primary
Which Democratic presidential hopeful would the Torah pick to run against Trump? The one with money…and the one no money
Shmuel Goldin
Israel isn’t a country, it’s a family
How else can you explain the scolding, honking, shoving, eavesdropping and chiming in of strangers who aren’t strangers?
Carol Silver Elliott
What 100 looks like
Feeble, frail and bent over. That’s how some children are being encouraged to portray centenarians — and that’s ageism
Zack Rothbart
’The day I realized that I was the Messiah’
After 50 years, the Black Hebrews still really only want Israel to understand that they love the land and want to be friends of all people (PHOTO ESSAY)
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