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Monday, December 17, 2018
In darkness and light, Amiad Yisrael
By Jessica Levine Kupferberg
A baby who had to be torn from his mother’s womb lived just long enough for his parents to say hello, goodbye and I’m sorry
powder keg
Reversing Iran’s expansionism will take more than sanctions
After Obama gave away the farm, Iran’s emboldened proxies now constitute a powder keg that could erupt into regional war
optimism index
If you’re happy and you know it, you must be a religious Zionist
It’s time for the most optimistic group in Israeli society to stop acting as if the courts are persecuting them
B’Tselem’s lack of human rights priorities
The anti-occupation organization ignores the recruitment and use of child soldiers by Palestinian armed groups
Annexation is imminent, and dangerous
The move will trigger a new Palestinian uprising, create a thousand mile border, erase strategic depth and lose world support
ties that bind
The new (literary) engagement with Israel
Is American Jewry estranged from Israel? Recent novels by Krauss, Safran Foer, and Englander prove just the opposite
Blame Tamar, the killer-wife (or not)
By Yael Leibowitz
The very mistakes our ancestors made when bowing to convention become the Torah’s way of teaching unconventional truths.
more Choice voices
David Haivri
Cleaning trash for peace in Israel’s heartland
In a unique initiative, Jewish settlers and Palestinians work together to tend the land they love
Emmanuel Navon
Snubbing Matteo Salvini makes no sense
No country in the world would sacrifice its national interest for the sake of moral values. Expecting Israel to do so is absurd
Josh Shron
Remembering Yigal Bashan: 1950-2018
May the late musician’s many songs live on ’like a little bird in our hearts’ for years to come
Yuval Feldman
Keep politics out of corruption!
Supporters of this government show increasing tolerance for graft, and this is a red flag for the rule of law in Israel
David Rosen
A Jerusalem rabbi in Abu Dhabi
Some Arab religious and political authorities show signs of an increasingly positive view on engagement with Jewry
Ari Segal
We're all the same! (No, we’re really not)
Jews are not going to agree on everything, but it is vital that we recognize what each ’branch’ of the Jewish ’menorah’ has to offer
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