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Monday, November 18, 2019
Who is authorized to take Israel to ’war’?
By Liron Libman
There is a shocking vagueness about the authority to make fateful decisions for the country, including what even counts as war
Dispatch from a bomb shelter somewhere in Israel
A day under rocket attacks, driving between home and work, and praying not to get hit en route
When each chime means an incoming attack
And the ominous siren, when it comes, allows for about a minute to reach a safe space, before the rocket’s impact
Disconnecting the app: An Israeli in America
So far away from home, we have the privilege of avoiding the minute-by-minute updates on rockets from Gaza, but can we? Should we?
Pick-up sticks, political tricks, and the power of definition
OP-ED: There’s a pathway to a unity government, but first we need to know what ‘unity’ means, and then we need to create a new (Likud) party
Same old anti-Semitism, different Jews
The hatred is always lurking, using different excuses for the same wicked ends. Today we have a response for it — and it’s not love
Where J Street stands on aid to Israel
We need an open, honest and respectful conversation about how the US can promote peace, security and human rights
Alcohol in our synagogues: Should our shul go dry?
By Jonathan Muskat
When the adults go bananas over a fancy bottle of Scotch for kiddush, our teens are watching and learning what we truly value
‘Let him rot in jail’ is not the answer to divorce refusers
The theocratic power that could jail a man for 19 years for ’insolence’ is the same power keeping women chained to marriage
‘Never look for a good reason to do the right thing’
Max ’Nico’ Leons can’t be counted as a Righteous Among the Gentiles, so my father found another way to honor the man who saved him and hundreds more
If the White House invites you, Judaism says go
The baseball World Series champions who stayed away from the ceremony because they don’t like Trump missed the point
Noshing in Tarnów
If you build a kosher cafe in Poland, they will come out of the woodwork, acknowledging ’some Jewish roots’
Only boys can be rabbis, right?
Now that I’m going for the Orthodox ordination I never thought possible, I understand Sarah’s laughter of disbelief – and joy (Lech Lecha)
Beliefs to die for
How committed to upholding truth are you? Bruno, Abraham, and Maimonides faced death for their convictions (Lech Lecha)
Cannabis Reform is cruelly destroying my life
By Harry Rubenstein
Months after the Ministry of Health capriciously broke a system that worked, the impact on patients like me has been devastating
more Choice voices
Sarah Halle Corey
Being a Jewish person without a Jewish last name
It took a canoe trip in Kentucky to make me realize how much of my family heritage lies in a name that is no longer ’Cohen’
Kasra J. Aarabi
Iran’s goal is to unseat Donald Trump
The recent spate of attacks was meant to draw the US into a military confrontation that would be unpopular with American voters
Maxim Matusevich
The vilification of Lt. Col. Vindman is definitely bad for the Jews
Everyone liked this American success story — until he upheld his oath to testify about apparent malfeasance in Trump’s administration
Liam Hoare
30 years later: The fall of the Berlin Wall and the Jews
Liberal democracy let East Germans to unearth their Jewishness, sometimes revealing a long kept secret to their children
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