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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
So you think you can Pesach?
By Lisa Silverstein Tzur
Passover preparation means a war on ’chametz’ throughout Jewish households in the State of Israel — and there’s nowhere I’d rather be
A seat at my seder table
Add these women’s perspectives — diverse in affiliation, background, and more — to your discussions on leaving Egypt and feel more like you were there
15 deep thoughts for a profound Passover seder
Every section of the celebration is a learning opportunity: Heschel, Kushner, Ozick, Sagan et al help light the way
Pharaoh and pajamas
When we got to the ’we were slaves’ part of the seder, Uncle Baruch reached down and held up a pair of faded pajamas
One less plague: Preventing the measles
I implore all anti-vaxx parents to consider the most vulnerable members of our community with kindness, for they rely on all of us
The Pharaoh within us
Does the Rabbinate believe that our redemption from Egypt led only some of us to Sinai?
The Jordanians asked me to take off my tzitzit. I declined.
Each of us needs to draw a red line and say to ourselves ’Beyond this I will not cross’
Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame
By Erik Ross
Today the cathedral is a stinking black trench. But the void is cross-shaped: cruciform. Who can look away?
Beresheet and my African space dreams
Israel can inspire a nation that wanted to ’Bring Down the Moon’ and indulged a crackpot plan to send cats to Mars
Aliyah Day
Coming home: How Israel became inscribed in my soul
By Jeremy Issacharoff
Israel’s ambassador to Germany recalls his decisive moment: ‘This was a country that would demand everything of its people.’
My baggage: Why I told my teenaged son not to take his purse today
He rocks a pair of stilettos like no one’s business. He’s loud and proud – and we’re proud of him too, but, but, but…
more Choice voices
Sally Abrams
If there are still miracles in this universe
Netanel Felber’s hospital room is a place where heartbreak and hope align with unwavering devotion and unflagging optimism
Dan Perry
Resign once indicted? That’s so 20th century!
Both leaders have proven they can handle public humiliation, as party hacks toe the line and the public doesn’t mind
Naomi Chazan
No easy fix for Israel’s left
It is high time that we strategize how to achieve an inclusive, democratic, and just Israel — no matter how daunting the task
Daniel Staetsky
In defence of polls and pollsters
Especially in Israel, samples of the electorate do better at predicting the big picture than at delivering the ’winner’
Lawrence Witt
To March of the Living staffers who wonder if it’s worth it all
If you don’t know just how transformative your educational work can be, let me tell you how the experience changed me
Maurice Hirsch
No, it’s the PA that declared war on Western values
Palestinians claim to be innocent victims of financial sanctions even as they vow to spend their last penny on terrorists
Yossi Kuperwasser
A lie-packed PLO position paper confirms there’s no partner for peace
The paper, released in Hebrew, reiterates Palestinian refusal to recognize the state of the Jewish nation or disavow terrorism
Mark Kirk
Bonds between Europe, Israel are critical to Israeli and Jewish security
America will always be Israel’s greatest ally, but Europe is the key to securing the Jewish state’s long-term safety and security
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