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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
the long view
What Pittsburgh tells us about the Jewish future
By Ira N. Forman
With US anti-Semitism at historic lows, the long-term threat to American Jewry lies in the erosion of civil society
The Jewish people live, and so does Squirrel Hill
Neighborhood residents are told to shelter in place, locking their doors. My wife tries to keep the children busy…
How will we combat Israel’s delegitimization? In Concert
Introducing a bold partnership aimed at improving the country’s image and standing in world public opinion
Honorable Mentschen
11 candles in Pinskers’ window
My zaidie spent every day perfecting the art of being a mentch; these precious souls were surely the same — that’s Pittsburgh
#Show-up Shabbat
This coming Shabbat, let’s all go to synagogue
Even if you never go, and never pray, we can come together at 10:20 am this Saturday to combat fear and show unity
In Pittsburgh, hatred of Jews is nothing new
A few blocks over from Mister Rogers’ neighborhood, where I grew up, was an entirely different world
Nowhere is safe
I’d be afraid anywhere, so I choose to throw my lot in with the Jewish people in our historic homeland
unexpected hero
He got lunch. I got a whole new perspective
This elderly gent is never annoyed by noisy Jewish children — the reason floored me
more Choice voices
Ofer Berkovitch
Jerusalemites, I’ll be a mayor who works for your interests
With no national political aspirations, my only goal is to improve the capital’s economic, cultural and social standing
Ofer Kenig
Longserving mayors tend to become corrupt, right?
To those who think it’s time to set limits on mayors’ term of office — think again
Nesanel Yoel Safran
US Jews are caught in the middle — and I’m worried
As the battlelines get drawn in America, it’s looking like neither camp sees the Jews as one of ‘theirs’
Michael Boyden
Condolences are not enough
’Jewish Unity’ is a farce when a chief rabbi of Israel can’t bring himself to call a non-orthodox place of worship a synagogue
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