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Monday, September 25, 2023

The bloodstained jacket: Yom Kippur, 1973
By Yuval Krausz
It was the sirens that pierced the silence. We gathered in the dining room and learned that Israel had been attacked
Rawan Osman
A letter from a Syrian to the Israeli people: Don’t let us down
The world is anxiously watching you. Don’t let us down. Don’t allow division to do to you what it did to the Palestinians, the Lebanese, and the Syrians. Set an example for your neighbors instead of feeding your enemies schadenfreude. Show us how the left and right can fight gracefully. We should be applying your model, not the other way around. Around my neck, I wear the Star of David, for it is to me the seal of the Zionist project – a reminder that anything is possible through solidarity...
Abbas holds onto the past as the Palestinian future slips away
His controversial remarks have damaged the image of Palestinians on the world stage and hindered potential peace efforts
Is the Saudi deal a dream or a nightmare?
Why has ’normalization’ suddenly become so important? The answer is frighteningly simple: Netanyahu needs the photo-op
Doing the Daf as Israel implodes
By Pamela Peled
Why must I help fund lifelong study of texts about men falling naked off roofs into the waiting bodies of women below?
How half a sandwich saved a world
After 80 years, their remarkable courage was marked with a reunion, Yad Vashem honors, and an epic rendition of Hatikvah
Blood money: Biden’s Iran deal endangers the Middle East
The $6 billion Tehran received will most likely be used to support its nuclear pursuits and fund acts of terrorism
Who has not made me a woman
By Victoria Nunley
Revealing my femininity to the world took conscious effort, and the daily reminder of my struggle makes it all the more meaningful
Breaking for falafel in Jerusalem before Rosh Hashanah
The handwriting on the wall reminds me that God is with me when times are hard, and a tucked-away food joint makes it all taste better
What if you can’t forgive?
A sexual abuser has no access to teshuva until the victim’s autonomy, healing, and wishes are prioritized. That always comes first.
Can a toddler really apologize? (And other thoughts on Yom Kippur)
By Rachel Seelig
There’s telling them to ’say you’re sorry’ and then there’s cultivating personal responsibility, kindness and empathy
more choice voices
Miriam Schler
The endless ways Esther Eillam made things better here
The tireless activist leaves behind an inspiring legacy of initiatives addressing sexual assault and inequality
Glenn Yago
Needed urgently: An Abraham Accords dividend
Three years after the deal’s signing, time is running out to show young people that cooperation and prosperity go hand in hand
Noya Rimalt
Israeli policymakers must stop funding sex segregation
Not that long ago, the Haredi world was known for being pragmatic. Now, the extremists are in charge, and they’re hurting their own people
Tova Herzl
My prime minister accused me of siding with Iran
Netanyahu should learn from Mandela’s generous leadership, when it comes to handling those who oppose him
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