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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Chasing a pink balloon
By Rachael Wurtman
No one chooses to become resilient. You never want to hear ’I don’t know how you managed.’ But I did. I learned how from my daughter
Dear Noble Energy shareholders, Chevron is about to take you for a ride
OPINION: Israel won’t keep paying triple price for its own gas, and Chevron’s value will fall when climate is back on the US agenda. You will lose. All of us will.
Fish gotta swim, Bibi’s gotta…resign
Netanyahu is likely to do what he himself predicted anyone in his position would do: make decisions aimed at keeping himself out of jail
Who’s afraid of elections?
There are 3 democratic paths to get Netanyahu gone – and going to the polls will be the safest, most effective way to overhaul Israeli society and rehab its economy
Jack C. Bendheim
Don’t skip out on Jewish day school this year. It’s an ethical issue
Back in early March, when our school was one of the first in the United States to shift to virtual learning in response to coronavirus, we could not possibly have anticipated the dramatic changes that we would undergo as a school community. Physically separated, we came together in ways that we never had before. About 700 families – sometimes as many as 2,000 people -- joined virtually to celebrate Purim, to make havdalah each week for months, and to participate in town hall meetings where we shared plans, asked...
From the blogs
The day Israel’s president showed up to help me feed pandemic poor
By Joseph Gitler
Ruby Rivlin came to sort and pack produce for needy families and to learn more about today’s food security challenges. That’s true leadership
Guided by Jewish values, we’re caring for our neighbors. Here’s how.
Serve the Moment, part of a coalition of volunteer organization, is letting Jewish young adults give to the vulnerable and repair communities
How did it happen? How did so many Jews get murdered in Lithuania?
Once I began looking into the role of my grandfather, Jonas Noreika, I soon saw that the Germans couldn’t have committed these crimes alone
We are not White 
As I child I tried to pray my brown away, until I got to the US and heard ’where did you get your tan?’ With time I had to decolonize my brain
Unpronounceable, overlooked, ignored: A Holocaust heroine
Her name was Stefania Wilczyńska, and when Janusz Korczak walked with 192 orphans to board a train to their deaths, she walked with them too
How my mom became an Insta star without even trying
By Jelena Djurovic
Her ’tough love’ parenting was more tough than love: things turned around when I helped make her into a Serbian social media sensation
more choice voices
Yuval Cherlow
The ethical protest: Preserving our rights without devastating our morality
The public has the right to demand change, and that right must be protected. But that doesn’t make vandalism a legitimate tool of protest
Melanie Landau
The month of Av: From grief to love
This Hebrew month tosses our emotions through the ringer, but in pushing us to grieve, it also opens the way for the regenerative love that is to come
Donna Zwas
She had a greater impact on women’s heart health than any doctor
Philanthropist Irene Pollin transformed her personal anguish into a lifelong dedication to disease prevention, wellness and well-being
Chagit Zelcer
To hug Grandma or not to hug Grandma?
If loving your grandparent these days means keeping a distance, it’s a valuable lesson to teach your kids
Martin Engelberg
How Europe can become a player in the Middle East
From an Austrian Member of Parliament: The EU could play a supporting role – recognizing Israeli concerns, and encouraging Palestinian compromise
Gideon Remez
50 years ago: Israel won an air battle, and lost the War of Attrition
The Israel Air Force drew the Soviet expeditionary force in Egypt into a perfect, successful ambush, but pride was the country’s downfall, in the long run
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