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Friday, June 14, 2024

On haircuts and closets
By Mark Shinar
When a chatty London barber asked me where I was from, Israel was the accurate answer – but what was the right answer?
Mad about the rescue mission? I don’t care.
You should have used your anger to urge Hamas to release the hostages or expect Israel to do whatever necessary to free them
When the price of loving Israel is ostracism
The challenge for Israel educators is no longer about deepening ties to the Jewish state, it’s proving those ties are worth it all
The hard bigotry of no expectations 
By Jonathan A. Greenblatt
Why don’t the Israel critics ask how ordinary Gazans could look the other way as innocent men and women are held hostage in their midst?
The Israel-Hamas war could signal the end of the Black-Jewish alliance
Is the NAACP excluding the kinds of Jewish activists that founded it when it expands its focus to include international issues?
The Gaza ceasefire proposal needs this crucial change
In Biden’s telling of the deal, there’s a weakness when it comes to who guarantees that Hamas and Israel fulfill their commitments
Shavuot? I’ll have to give you a rain check
By Adele Raemer
I can’t celebrate this harvest holiday if I’m not home on my kibbutz rejoicing with those brutally torn from us on Oct. 7
This Shavuot: A time of reckoning
If we look to the Torah for why we do what we do, then we must make sure that the outcomes of those actions promote peace, compassion and human perfection
Self-care in times of war
With hellish events still unfolding, the best defense for our psyches may be to feel less – for now
from the blogs
Museums are the latest anti-Israel battleground
By Rafael Medoff
An exhibit on an anti-racism campaign by American Jews in the 40s and 50s is closed to the public following a staff walkout
The Jewish problem with calling Trump’s guilty verdict ’rigged’
The disgruntled response to the NY court ruling is out of step with the Talmud’s take on jurisprudence. It’s also dangerous
The Nazis weren’t ’white supremacists’
They wanted an Aryan race that was pure in blood, not white of skin. To not know this is to not understand the Holocaust
A Jewish mother’s way to the soldiers’ stomachs
By Yehudit Lindblom
I spend the week cooking for those who defend Israel. Whenever they thank us, we always answer: No, it’s you we are thanking
more choice voices
Ariel Beery
‘Together we will win!’ is a hard goal when we don’t agree on what victory is
Even trusting an Israeli win against Hamas, how can we go home to the North knowing that we are perpetually at risk from Hezbollah there?
Ruthie Hollander
An aftermath of grief in the Book of Ruth
Orpah, Ruth, and Naomi each must grapple with her own sorrow and pain, and their experiences are telling for those of us who read their tale
Yoel Bin-Nun
A faltering war – who is at fault?
Despite the American bear hug, the US’s regional interests diverge from those of Israel – and they entail keeping Hamas in power
Menachem Rosensaft
How to destroy a Holocaust studies center
Simply do what UMN did: Appoint a new head of the center who spews widely discredited theories and accuses Israel of genocide
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