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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Biden’s neglect of the Middle East: A detrimental approach to regional stability
By Joe Buccino
Focusing on China is understandable, but shunning a clear, consistent strategy for the Mideast, especially regarding Iran, is reckless
Israel’s adolescence crisis
The political turmoil is a proxy for the big unresolved questions of Israeli identity – it’s now time to face the real issues
We must open our eyes to so many murders in our midst
Israel knows how to stop gang violence; it must do so, and build up the communities where Arab citizens live in fear after so much neglect
NYTimes smears Hasidim again… now, in Yiddish
By Yaakov Menken
No matter that a thriving community speaks Yiddish as their first language – it’s only relevant when spoken by non-Hasidim
The Tree of Life mass murderer deserves his sentence
The strongest argument against the death penalty is fear of error, but the odds of executing an innocent person these days are basically nil
The Amazing Race partner
I’d choose my husband for the contest too: He’s strong, clear-headed, focused, and good-natured. But will he remember the snacks?
What long COVID taught me: How to help a friend with chronic illness
By Melanie Lidman
Instead of ’Are you feeling better?’ and ’What do you need?’ here are some truly helpful questions you can ask
My great uncle never went to Cairo
But he did translate a fragment of its Geniza, along with Hebrew texts that include a 15th century philosopher whose politics ring familiar today
Golda’s disservice to Golda
Helen Mirren captures the former premier, but the film skates over the challenges she faced before and after the Yom Kippur War
The college move-in ritual
By Zack Bodner
The shopping was easy. So was shipping across country. Unpacking, a breeze. But leaving our daughter in her dorm? We’re… coping
Top Ops
Jonathan Muskat
Gap year students and their mental health
What is developmentally normal during my child’s Israel experience and what is a red flag that help is needed?
Gershon Baskin
The future of Hamas
Elections will soon pit a local pragmatist against an Iran-allied extremist – either way, Hamas is integral in Palestinian politics
Steven Bayar
The boundaries of repentance: Sex offenders in the sanctuary
How far should forgiveness extend? What should congregations do when a sex felon wants to attend services?
Nathan Bigman
Rosh Hashanah survival guide
Do you really need to say every word of every prayer? 5 tips for getting through the holiday that never ends
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