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Thursday, February 29, 2024

What happens when Israel runs out of ammo?
By Jesse Ferris
With US arsenals stretched to the limit and other allies lining up for their share, it’s time to forge a new defense supply channel
The Saudis, the UAE and a golden post-Gaza-war opportunity
These Gulf powerhouses could partner with the US to carry out a sweeping reconstruction in the Strip and transform the region
A new, local strategy for governing Gaza
Empowering clans to run life in the Strip will require a re-education process, ousting UNRWA, and regional and US cooperation
From the Blogs
A plea from the daughters of Abraham
By Nada Higuera and Heidi Basch-Harod
We both have deep ties to this tragic land, and we have discovered that the way to reclaim our lost humanity is to listen
For Israel to accept a Palestinian state, Israelis must first feel safe
Given the historically hollow international guarantees of Israel’s security, building trust is the first step – once the war is over and the hostages are home
Brigitte Gabriel and me
When we first met in Jerusalem, she was Hanan, early 20s, loving life away from Lebanon. The friendship lasted until it didn’t
Jon Stewart’s plan for Mideast peace is delusional
By Natan Kohn-Magnus
I served with the IDF in Gaza, and I’m here to set the record straight. Again
The more Haredi men enlist, the easier it is for others to join them
If you’re ultra-Orthodox, male, and not truly studying Torah all day long, it’s time to think of the IDF
A pivot point for the Haredi draft
With an April deadline for a resolution looming, the power of the purse can impel change – if political conditions allow
Yes, my son is staying at Columbia
Student-warriors taking on campus battles are to be applauded but Jewish kids who just want to go to school deserve support too
Endless childhood
By Jennifer Moses
My 94-year-old father’s verve allows me the semi-fantasy that I have decades of vigor and dreams still to go (semi-fantasy because… I know I’ve aged)
Michael G. Gold
It won’t end with Ukraine
Two years into Russia’s full-scale invasion, war fatigue is playing into Putin’s hands Rabbi Yochanan said that after the destruction of the Holy Temple the gift of prophecy was bestowed upon fools and children. Political analysts are neither, so on February 24, 2022, few of them expected that the largest war in Europe since World War II would last much longer than a few months. To say nothing of ordinary people and their expectations about how long this war would last. “What’s been decided in the negotiations?” I recall the hopeful spirit...
Top Ops
Shayna Goldberg
Life rolls on
The kids had no school, and the adults a day off. It was Election Day in Israel, and we slept in, went to the beach, and breathed a little
Inna Serebro-Litvak
When sexual violence is not condemned
While my own experience was horrifying, it was nothing compared to what Israeli girls and women had to endure from Hamas
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