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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Zemach Hammerman

Near Gaza, apprehensive returnees trickle back home to revive deserted communities
By Canaan Lidor
Traumatized yet determined, thousands are now resettling towns that still echo with the sounds of war and offer limited services for residents
Inside story
Exiled from greener pastures, southerners cram kibbutz life into two Tel Aviv towers
Evacuated Kibbutz Re’im residents work to acclimatize in two newly built high rises in a bid to reinvent the coziness of their former home
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Zemach Hammerman CEO envisions a post-war real estate boom in Israel
The company is currently marketing several projects with substantial investment potential if Feiglin’s optimistic prognoses come to fruition.
On Be’eri, bulldozers begin kibbutz rebuild by clearing out rubble of October 7
By Canaan Lidor
Over 1 in 3 homes were badly damaged in the Gaza-adjacent community, where a 2-year rehabilitation plan will cost more than NIS 300 million; 97 civilians were killed at the kibbutz
4 miles from war: In biggest homecoming yet, hundreds of evacuees return to Shokeda
By Canaan Lidor
Housing snapshot: Home sales and rentals across Israel
By Shoshanna Solomon
The Times of Israel’s regular feature on what is happening in Israel’s property market right now
Economic downturn, tech slump send commercial real estate prices tumbling
By Shoshanna Solomon
Rental prices for office space in Israel plunged by 16% last year, as technology firms downsize and drive down demand
War-battered economy plunged almost 20%, marking sharpest contraction since pandemic
By Sharon Wrobel
After credit downgrade, Moody’s lowers deposit ratings of Israel’s five largest banks
By Sharon Wrobel
Inside story
Decision expected in legal battle over ‘holy’ classification of Baha’i gardens in Acre
By Nurit Malkin
Bahji Gardens are closed to the public as Baha’i leadership battles city’s decision to lift tax exemption and charge community NIS 7 million a year for faith founder’s burial spot
West Bank settler population grew by nearly 3% in 2023 — report
Citing government numbers, pro-settler group says population has passed 517,000, not including East Jerusalem; predicts ‘accelerated growth’
Buildings, roads in ‘huge, complete’ Roman-era military base revealed by excavations
By Gavriel Fiske
Site near Tel Meggido is the only excavated Roman permanent camp in Israel; the Roman Sixth Legion, which was based there, fought against Jewish forces in the Bar Kochba revolt
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