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Saturday, June 6, 2020
Farmers’ markets, to-go cocktails and online art: Tel Aviv’s pandemic response
By Shira Rubin
From army induction to religious services, every facet of Israeli life has been affected by the coronavirus crisis — and Sabras respond with typical ingenuity
Team8 sets up new fund to invest in enterprise technology startups
By Shoshanna Solomon
Team8 Capital will invest in seed and Series A and B funding rounds and will be led by tech investor Sarit Firon
More schools across Israel, many in Tel Aviv, closed due to COVID-19 infections
By TOI staff
At least a dozen schools and preschools from Sderot to Petah Tikva shuttered, bringing national total to about 65, as additional students and teachers diagnosed
Scientists ‘set the clock’ for ancient Jerusalem, prove who built Temple bridge
By Amanda Borschel-Dan
New cutting-edge C14 method provides ‘extreme accuracy’ in placing monumental structures in precise historical setting; shows Wilson’s Arch begun in Herod’s time, built in 2 phases
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Red Dot is red hot: Israeli VC raises $200 million for its second fund
Calcalist: The VC firm that set up its first fund in 2016, invests in late-stage startups with tens of millions of dollars for every investment
Dana Blander
Without trust, there can be no compliance
As citizens of a democratic state, we share a common political and social imagination rooted in a common system of beliefs, rules, and red lines. We know what may be done in a democratic country, and what may not. This contract between citizens and the state is based first and foremost on trust, which is founded on the understanding that the state acts in the interest of the public and will keep to the very minimum any infringements of its citizens’ freedoms and human rights.  But in democratic countries, the...
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