‘You only understand money,’ Palestinian supporter tells pro-Israel rally

Irishman detained by police after waving coin at pro-Israel crowd; keffiyeh-clad woman ‘doesn’t know’ what Holocaust is

Anti-Semitic sentiments were in evidence Wednesday as hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists gathered outside Downing Street in London to protest the arrival of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One protester brandished a coin at a pro-Israel demonstrator at a rival rally, shouting at him repeatedly: “You only understand money.”

The keffiyeh-wearing Irishman was later seen being handcuffed and escorted away by police.

Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrators clashed outside the British prime minister’s London residence on Wednesday as the two sides held rival protests ahead of Netanyahu’s visit.

Police officers separated the two groups and took away at least two protesters following minor scuffles and chanting by both sides, according to an AFP photographer.

A Palestinian calls for the genocide of 6 million Jews

A Palestinian woman calls for the death of 6 million Jews (and if that wasn't enough she goes on to deny the holocaust).Sussex Friends Of Israel have just informed us this woman is called Pamela Hardyment and she is a well known antisemite and anti-Israel activist.This was shot at the PSC's anti-Israel protest at Downing Street today. The emergence of so many videos from this event of antisemites shows the world exactly who the PSC are and what they stand for. While Israel's supporters were chanting "we want peace", they were met with chants calling for Israel's destruction.But Kol Hakavod to all of Israel's supporters that came out today in such large numbers, we know of several individuals that travelled from as faraway Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, etc. Thank you, you are amazing.

Posted by Israel Advocacy Movement on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In another incident caught on camera, a Palestinian woman tells Israel supporters that the Jews in Israel should “go into the sea, they’re not coming here.

“We would absolutely march against Zionists coming here as refugees,” added the woman, clad in a keffiyeh and carrying an umbrella bearing the word “Palestine.”

“So you want another Holocaust?” the pro-Israel activist asks her. “I don’t know what the Holocaust is,” she replies.

“I want them out of Israel,” the woman says later in the video, referring to Israeli Jews.

“You’ll have to kill them all,” says a voice off camera. “Well, so be it,” she responds as she walks off.

Around 400 pro-Palestinian activists gathered outside Downing Street to protest the visit of Netanyahu, who arrived on Wednesday, but will not meet officially with Cameron until Thursday. Israel’s Channel 2 television showed activists wrenching an Israeli flag out of the hands of a pro-Israel demonstrator and trampling on it.

“Arrest Netanyahu” and “War criminal,” they chanted, some holding up posters calling for an end to the blockade on Gaza, as well as images of the Israeli leader plastered with the words “Child killer.”

Others waved flags, including at least two from Lebanon’s powerful Shiite Hezbollah movement.

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