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Yulia Chaban, 24: Lover of animals was mother’s ‘bright star’

Murdered by Hamas terrorists at Zikim Beach on October 7

Yulia Chaban (Courtesy)
Yulia Chaban (Courtesy)

Yulia Chaban, 24, from Arad, was murdered by Hamas terrorists on the Zikim Beach on October 7.

At 6:40 a.m., Yulia sent her sisters a voice note describing the chaos from the rocket fire and the Hamas invasion, with the sounds of explosions and gunfire in the background. “They came from Gaza on boats,” she described in shock. “We don’t have the ability to move.”

They never heard from her again. Yulia, who was at the beach with her boyfriend, Abed Ziyadne, who was also slain, was considered missing for close to 10 days before her body was finally identified. She was buried on October 16 in Arad.

She is survived by her parents, Sergei and Ksenia, and her sisters Katya and Olya.

Suzana Zoaretz, who worked with her at a shoe store in a mall in Beersheba, noted that Yulia had moved to the city a couple of years ago, “and had a sea of dreams and plans to help others and to help animals. She was modest and kind and smiling, I love you, my little beloved girl.”

Yulia, she added, “was born in our land and loved the Land of Israel so much… I miss you so much, I will miss you forever.”

Marking four months since she was killed, her mother, Ksenia wrote on Facebook, “My favorite angel! My bright little star!” Despite the passage of several months, she wrote, “I’m always waiting for your call, it seems that now you’ll knock on the door and say… ‘Mom, I’m here, I want to eat!’ My girl, I know nothing can change, if I could, I would give my life for you! My bright star, I believe you see us! And if there is another life, be happy there! I am always with you, my love!”

Six months after her daughter was killed, Ksenia asked, “How can I live without these sweet, kind eyes? Without them every day and every hour? How can I not talk to her about anything, not kiss her, not touch her, not wake her up… She gave us so much happiness in life! Her soul will remain pure.”

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