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MovingLife (Courtesy)
MovingLife (Courtesy)

This Israeli startup will change your opinion on mobility scooters

A clunky sort of golf-cart for old people? Think again. People with mobility issues can now ride around in style!

For years, the market of mobility scooters was stagnant. Many people with mobility issues – whether age related or due to illness – avoided buying a scooter for daily use because of their clunky appearance and the feeling that it made them look like “old people”. Yet another deterrent was their shape and size – built like smaller versions of golf-carts, these scooters required a lot of space when they were not in use, and they could not accompany their users when they travelled by car or public transportation.

All this changed when Movinglife entered the market. Movinglife was founded by Nino Ransenberg – an active businessman who travels incessantly and who also suffers from polio. He was unwilling to compromise with existing solutions and needed something that would serve him on his busy schedule which includes meetings and international flights. Movinglife is today an international company dedicated to the wellbeing of people with mobility problems, which designs and markets a series of advanced mobility scooters under the name ATTO.

“The idea of the product came up because of the frustration I felt every time I traveled and came back from abroad”, says Nino. “I even had a foldable scooter at that time, but I still had to wait for it to arrive with the luggage. So I invented a product that was light and foldable, one that could even get on the plane with me and take me anywhere.”

MovingLife (Courtesy)

ATTO is always ready to roll – the independence to go anywhere you like

The simplicity of this novel idea is striking. It’s like – how didn’t anybody think of this before?! ATTO scooters are sleek and elegant, far from the look of the “old-timer” scooters they aim to replace. ATTO scooters make the daily life of people with restricted mobility into an easier experience. They are the perfect partner for any ordinary activity such as shopping, going to the doctor, visiting family and friends or just strolling around town. Designed to unfold and be ready for use in less than 10 seconds, they can be folded easily to the size of a compact trolley suitcase and stored at home after riding. The seat height and handlebars can be adjusted to suit the user, and they also come with a large selection of optional original accessories.

When traveling, the ATTO is easily split into two lightweight parts – a feature that allows users to fit them in the trunk of a car or in the upper storage compartment of an airplane. Speaking about flying – ATTO are the only flight-approved scooters in the world today. Thanks to the advanced design, users can roll right onto the plane and up to their seat. The two separate parts can be easily stored in the overhead bins, and even their batteries can be taken on board. This is a real game-changer for people who rely on their wheels to get around everywhere, and who don’t want to feel needy or restricted.

Four different ATTO models – there’s an ATTO for anyone!

ATTO mobility scooters are becoming more and more popular and can be purchased around the world, thanks to a global network of distributors. All models are characterized by their modern design and light weight, designed down to the finest detail for users’ convenience, but above all allow freedom of movement and return to a normal and independent life.

Today, Movinglife has 4 different ATTO scooters on the market – the Classic ATTO, the enhanced performance ATTO Sport, the ATTO Max which is designed to sustain a larger build, and ShabbATTO – all of the advantages of the ATTO Sport with an exclusive command mechanism suitable for religious Jewish users who rely on their scooter for travel even on the Sabbath.

The ShabbATTO model was developed in collaboration with engineers and rabbis of the Zomet Institute. It is the only mobility scooter with a “Mehudar” Shabbat mechanism that operates according to the “Existing Current Modulation” principle, for users who do not wish to rely only on Gramma option. Moreover, the Shabbat mechanism is pre-installed and does not require expensive fitting. Authorized by STAR – K (US) and Zomet (IL).

Israeli Startup, Israeli design, international success

The thoroughness and caring invested into all Movinglife products is incredible. Behind each feature are hundreds of hours of meticulous planning and responsiveness to actual problems and requirements. The company’s customer service is warm and responsive, with representatives travelling around the country to customers’ homes to offer assistance, or to provide a test drive in the comfort of their home. ATTO scooters are advanced mobility tools which were designed in Israel for real people who wish to get around independently, comfortably and in style. Have you met ATTO yet?

For more information about the ATTO range of scooters, or to test drive an ATTO call in the US: 1-850-779-0099
In Israel: 077-8039004
or visit our website

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