Podcast: With left-wing anti-Zionism on the rise, how to instill ‘Jewish pride’

Author and educator Ben M. Freeman challenges young liberal Jews to go on a journey of self-discovery and explore authentic history to help reclaim pride in their Jewish identities

April 15, 2021, 8:15 am

Podcast: Too soon? Israeli scholar explains why Holocaust humor is here to stay

Granddaughter of survivors Dr. Liat Steir-Livny says analyzing the use of Shoah jokes in contemporary Israeli society offers a window into sabra souls

Podcast: Rabbi, is there a blessing for coming out of the closet? There is now

A new Israeli Reform prayer book, 'Tefillat HaAdam,' includes inclusive communal rituals and breaks down as many gender barriers as the Hebrew language allows

Podcast: Busting myths, a scholar explores how women influenced Jesus’ teachings

In a new book, Prof. James McGrath wonders 'What Jesus Learned from Women' -- and the answers may surprise you

Podcast: Equitable access to menstrual products is still a bloody mess

For International Women's Day, what can be done to change the world, with Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, co-founder of the advocacy group Period Equity

Podcast: Food, sex, atheism and guilt – Just your typical YidLife Crisis diet

Enter the twisted mind of two secular Jews from Montreal as they eat, schmooze and wind up in crazy situations -- in Yiddish

PODCAST: Author Micah Goodman on Israelis’ ongoing search for Jewish identity

Popular philosopher lays out Israeli Jews' foundational religious and secular thinkers, ultra-Orthodoxy's 'optical illusion' and the paradox of Purim

PODCAST: Hear 3 unique voices speak on Black/Jewish trust and solidarity

In honor of Black History Month, questions and answers on pressing issues facing both communities in a frank discussion on racism in the US -- and inside the Jewish community

PODCAST: For Family Day, a schmooze with Israeli parenting guru Einat Nathan

Her approach: Go back to basics and allow children to deal with pain and work out their own problems, while supported by 'reliable, relaxed parents -- that are present'

PODCAST: ‘Biblical’ royal purple cloth, and all about radiocarbon dating

It's Archaeology 101 with two of Israel's leading scholars: Prof. Erez Ben-Yosef on excavations at Timna; and Prof. Elisabetta Boaretto breaks down radiocarbon dating for dummies