Did Lindsay Lohan convert to Islam?
A believer?A believer?

Did Lindsay Lohan convert to Islam?

Troubled starlet seen recently carrying a Quran and studying Arabic, but sources close to her are unconvinced

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan in Las Vegas in 2008. (Lindsay Lohan image via Shutterstock).
Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan in Las Vegas in 2008. (Lindsay Lohan image via Shutterstock).

Amid speculation that Hollywood’s best-known troubled actor Lindsay Lohan may have converted to Islam, a report in Britain’s Independent newspaper suggests the word “converted” may be too strong.

Lohan was seen recently carrying a copy of the Muslim holy book the Quran, and has been public about her Arabic lessons — including drawing jibes online last month when she posted an Instagram image that showed Arabic words above the ostensible English translation, “You’re beautiful.” The Arabic actually read “you’re a donkey.” Lohan said the mistranslation was intentional, part of an inside joke with a friend.

But these steps toward Islam, her spokesperson told The Independent, do not constitute “fully converting” to the religion.

“To my knowledge she is not considering fully converting to Islam, but I know she has been taking a keen interest in the Arabic culture of late,” the spokesperson explained.

Lohan was also looking ahead to “upcoming projects in the Middle East,” the paper reported.

“She also spent some time in Dubai earlier this year,” the spokesperson continued, “and became interested in their way of life.”

Lohan, born and raised Catholic, has dabbled in a series of religious traditions, for a time embracing the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah and Scientology.

She once said she was a “very spiritual person” on Oprah Winfrey’s show, and had “become more spiritual as time has gone on.”

“I’m really in touch, whether it’s prayer or meditation. There are so many powers greater than me in the world. I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to have been given a gift to share with other people.”

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