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Into the Land: A Tale of Two Cities

Ramle and Lod’s very different models for Arab/Jewish coexistence

The third episode of The Times of Israel’s original ‘Into the Land’ docuseries — taking a deeper look at some of Israel’s most complex social, environmental and historical issues

Ramle and Lod are neighboring, mixed Jewish/Arab cities in central Israel that share a great deal in common. But when violence broke out across Israel in May 2021, one city burned while residents of the other remained relatively calm. How did that happen – and what’s the broader lesson toward building a shared society in Israel?

In this third episode of The Times of Israel’s new, original “Into the Land” docuseries, we explore two models of co-existence between Israel’s Jewish majority and Arab minority.

A Times of Israel Original Video
Created by: Eiv Kristal & Natan Odenheimer
Research and Script: Natan Odenheimer
Cinematography: Ido Cohen
Edit & Grading: Eiv Kristal
Sound Mix & Score: Avraham Kober
Design and Motion Graphics: Danielle Biran
Narration: Eiv Kristal
Copyediting: Amy Teibel

For those who wish to slow down the audio/video, click on the wheel icon (“Settings”) on the bottom-right of the video screen. Click on “Playback speed,” and then select a slower speed. We recommend 0.75 to better understand the commentary.

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