Krembo shortages reported throughout Israel
Foiled again

Krembo shortages reported throughout Israel

Manufacturers struggle to produce enough chocolate-coated marshmallow treats to cope with winter demand

Krembo, the go-to winter treat (Wiki Commons)
Krembo, the go-to winter treat (Wiki Commons)

Stores throughout the country are running out of the foil-wrapped chocolate-coated marshmallow treats known as Krembos, according to reports Tuesday.

Krembo (or Creambo, a portmanteau meaning “cream inside it”) is a popular winter substitute for ice cream, sold from October to February, and every year demand increases.

Strauss Group Ltd. said that it manufactures hundreds of thousands of the treats daily, and is doing everything it can to meet demand.

“The Strauss factory will continue to work around the clock in order to sweeten the winter for all the Krembo lovers across the country,” a spokesperson told Hadashot news (formerly Channel 2).

One shopper told the news station that she had been searching everywhere for a mocha-flavored Krembo, but with no success. “I don’t know why there aren’t any,” she said.

The Feldman Ice Cream company, which produces its own version of Krembo, called Manbo, said it has increased production by 25 percent to meet demand.

“Since the beginning of the season, we have been delightedly following the growing demand for Krembo… even though the winter weather is refusing to arrive,” a company spokesperson told Hadashot.

He explained that during the Krembo season, Israelis eat some 50 million chocolate marshmallows, or about six per person. Although the treat comes in a variety of flavors, vanilla is by far the most popular, making up some 60% of all sales.

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