Gantz, Lapid praise deal with UAE

Defense Minister Benny Gantz praises the decision to normalize ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and calls for other Middle Eastern countries to follow suit.

“I praise this important and significant agreement and I would like to first and foremost thank US President Donald Trump, a true friend of Israel, along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zaid,” Gantz says.

“This agreement demonstrates the alliance between countries in the region who are interested in prosperity and regional stability, and it stresses Israel’s eternal ambition for peace with its neighbors. I am sure that this agreement will have many positive consequences on the future of the entire Middle East and on Israel’s status in the world and the region,” he says.

“I call on other Arab countries to advance ties with Israel with additional peace treaties.”

Opposition leader Yair Lapid says it is “an important step towards normalization of relations with the United Arab Emirates. This step is proof that negotiations and agreements, not unilateral steps like annexation which would harm Israel’s security, are the way forward for our diplomatic relations. I thank President Trump for his support for this agreement.”

— Raphael Ahren

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