How the remaining votes could alter the Knesset makeup

The Central Elections Committee adds more ballots to the count, with 98.5% of votes now tallied but no further changes in the Knesset seat distribution.

According to the current results, there are several main possibilities of changes the remaining ballots could cause.

The most likely is Netanyahu’s Likud gaining a seat at the expense of Shas, which wouldn’t affect the blocs. Other changes that wouldn’t change the blocs significantly are Meretz losing a seat to Labor and Yesh Atid getting a seat from the Joint List.

Another possibility is Likud taking a seat from the Joint List, give the premier 60 seats and robbing the anti-Netanyahu bloc of its current majority it can potentially use to pass laws disqualifying the premier and other criminal defendants from forming another government.

Another is Yamina gaining a seat at New Hope’s expense, which would take a seat from the anti-Netanyahu bloc and give it to a party that hasn’t committed to either side.

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