In ‘technological leap,’ Iron Dome tackles multiple complex threats at once

The Iron Dome missile defense system has completed a “technological leap” in recent months, with a series of upgrades that have improved its ability to deal with multiple complex threats, the Defense Ministry says.

This includes “simultaneously shooting down multiple unmanned aerial vehicles, missile salvoes and rockets.”

The Israeli Air Force maintains a multi-tiered missile defense system, which is meant to protect the country from aerial threats. The lowest layer of Israel’s multi-tiered missile defense system is the Iron Dome.

“Ten years after the first operational use of the Iron Dome, today we are completing a qualitative technological leap in the system’s abilities. In three series of experiments in just a few months, we have upgraded the capacities of the Iron Dome to the next generation of threats,” says Defense Ministry official Moshe Pattal.

The system, under the new configuration, “is to enter operational use in the Air Force and further bolster Israel’s aerial defense,” he says.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz adds: “In the face of evolving, varied threats by our enemies, the new systems and their updates allow the political and operational leadership maneuvering space that is critical to national security.”