Netanyahu: ‘I attack the media because it deserves it’

The Channel 13 interview, nearing its end, turns to Donald Trump, whom Netanyahu praises as a great friend of Israel.

Interviewer Udi Segal says Trump lost the presidential election “because he didn’t tell the truth, crudely attacked the media, and worked to change the rules of democracy… Are you taking Israel in the same direction?”

Netanyahu: “You’ve determined the reason why he was defeated. I think there are other interpretations for his loss.”

He’s asked: Are you the Israeli Trump; you also attack the media: “I attack the media because it deserves it… While world media praises the Israeli miracle, you’re always attacking, everywhere.”

Do you think a government including far-right-wingers Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich will build a good partnership with Biden? “I’ll create [that partnership]. I determine the policies… Ben Gvir won’t be in the government.”