Purple 3D printer unique in color and tech, say creators

Something3D’s products are bigger and more versatile than the competition’s – but not more expensive, according to CEO

A Something3D purple-trimmed 3D printer (Photo credit: Courtesy)
A Something3D purple-trimmed 3D printer (Photo credit: Courtesy)

Something3D, an Israeli maker of 3D desktop printers, isn’t shy about trumpeting its uniqueness. Besides being one of the few manufacturers in the desktop 3D printer business anywhere – and the only one in Israel – Something3D’s printers feature four printing extruder heads, allowing users to produce objects with four different materials, or in multiple colors. “That’s the kind of thing you usually find only in very high-end printers from companies like Stratasys,” the world’s biggest maker of sophisticated 3D printers, said Something3D CEO Itzik Molcho.

“In addition to making the only commercial 3D desktop printer with four extrusion heads, we also make the largest desktop 3D printers on the market,” said Molcho. “The others print only up to 200 millimeters square, while ours are 300 by 300. Our product is more sophisticated than those offered by companies like MakerBot for the same price that we are charging.”

To show off Something3D’s uniqueness, the company’s printers are trimmed in purple. “We believe 3D printers are for anyone who wants to make or create,” said Molcho. “Purple is the color of individualism and unconventionality.”

Something3D is the new business of Molcho and his partner Dotan Koskas, who designed and developed the printers. Koskas, a graphic designer and a veteran of the animation and television industries, has been involved in building 3D printers for the past five years, coming up with Something3D’s first printer last year. Molcho is the former CEO of Tzinorot, a large international manufacturer of steel pipe. For him, working at Something3D – a genuine garage start-up, with production and sales in the garage of Koskas’ home in central Israel – reflects his belief that 3D printing is the next step in the tech revolution. For him, working at Something3D, reflects his belief that 3D printing is the next step in the tech revolution, Molcho said.

Itzik Molcho (Photo credit: Courtesy)
Itzik Molcho (Photo credit: Courtesy)

Although Something3D is not as well known to the general public as MakerBot, an American manufacturer of desktops that was recently bought out by Stratasys, it is very well known to professionals in manufacturing, medicine, dentistry, fashion, and other areas. Something3D has customers in all these fields, and in fact, said Molcho, the company’s printers are being used by a large defense manufacturer in Israel to create parts for one of its key pieces of equipment. “One of the reasons for that is the very high resolution – up to 50 microns — on our printers,” said Molcho.

Because Something3D is a small outfit, the team builds printers specifically for each customer, tweaking the basic design according to customer needs. That, along with the technology the company emphasizes, is an added value for customers, said Molcho. “Our customer base varies from the casual home user to large companies, and they all have different needs. Competition in this area is growing, and the edge we have over the others is the ability to upgrade the technology on printers as needed, based on our experience.”

Meanwhile, the company is making plans to expand. “Most of our customers have been in Israel, which we see as a ‘beta site’ for what we are doing,” said Molcho. “We believe that our unique approach will be in demand elsewhere as well. We have a lot of great ideas that we think will be in great demand, once the world finds out about it.”

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