Wanted: Poster design for top space program

Wanted: Poster design for top space program

In scientific circles, the arrival of the International Space University in Israel is a big deal, and its hosts want to celebrate the right way

One of the posters entered in the ISU poster contest. (photo credit: Courtesy)
One of the posters entered in the ISU poster contest. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Usually, scientific left-brain activities don’t mix well with creative right-brain ones, but a new contest by the Israel Space Agency and the Technion breaks that mold.

To celebrate the arrival of the International Space University (ISU) in Israel in 2016, the ISA and the Technion — which will provide facilities for the program — are looking for a great poster design that will represent Israel’s hosting of the group.

Winners get a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium digitizing tablet (perfect for budding digital artists), as well as the fame that comes with having their poster produced and printed as the official poster for the ISU’s stay in Israel.

Poster designs can be submitted through the end of 2015. The posters will be on display on Facebook, and the poster with the most “Likes” will be declared the winner.

The ISU, in many ways, is the educational backbone of the international space industry. The not-for-profit interdisciplinary university was founded in 1987 and offers degrees in Masters of science in Space Studies (MSS) and Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).

Till now, it has graduated over 3,700 professionals — many of them in the top tiers of space, satellite, and aerial defense programs in countries around the world. At least 13 astronauts — representing all the countries that have manned space programs — have advanced degrees from the ISU.

The ISU’s big annual event is its 9-week Space Studies Program (SSP), which takes place every summer and will be held at the Technion in summer 2016. The program has everything a space professional could want — discussions and labs on space physical sciences, space engineering, space policy, economics and law, space management and business, space and the humanities, space applications, human performance in space, and more. Besides individual learning, the program also features team projects, with groups presenting their projects to all participants at the end of the SSP.

The winning poster will be used to publicize the program both in Israel and abroad, to encourage people to sign up for it, and to announce the Technion’s participation in the ISU. Anyone can design a color poster; the rules state that the theme should be one that somehow relates to the hosts of the program — Israel, Haifa, and the Technion — and includes the Technion and ISA logos) and upload it to the ISA Facebook page, where it will be on display, and where viewers can vote by giving it a “Like.”

“We are delighted to be taking the SSP to Israel for our first session to be offered in the Middle East,” said Dr. Angie Bukley, dean of the ISU. “The Technion features world-class facilities and a beautiful campus. Haifa is an excellent location to deliver our signature interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural Space Studies Program.”

For the Technion, hosting the program is a singular honor — and a well-deserved one, said Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie. “The Technion is one of the first universities to launch a satellite and has an active space program. We will ensure that the 29th SSP program will be an exciting event that will allow the participants to experience first-hand Technion scientific achievements, and the beauty and culture of Israel.”

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