Abbas’s son in spotlight for nightclub video
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Abbas’s son in spotlight for nightclub video

As Palestinians attack Israelis in Jerusalem, riot in West Bank, Hamas claims PA president’s son Yasser is out drinking in Dubai

Amid rising Palestinian terror and violence, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is taking flak in pro-Hamas media for a video published online claiming to show his son, Yasser Abbas, drinking booze at a Dubai night club.

The shaky video clip, which was allegedly filmed on Friday night, uploaded to YouTube and quickly made its way to the Palestinian press, appears to show the president’s son at a table in a darkened night club.

The clip surfaced amid weeks of violent protests and bloody terrorist attacks carried out by mostly young Palestinians in recent weeks.

The veracity of the film could not be confirmed, but the footage has been presented by Hamas media as an imbroglio for the PA president.

Yasser Abbas, a dual Canadian-Palestinian passport holder, heads the Falcon Holding Group, a conglomerate whose subsidiaries have offices in the UAE as well as Qatar, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Foreign Policy Magazine reported in a 2012 article profiling the PA president’s sons.

His “conspicuous wealth” was the source of controversy among Palestinians, FP said, following the 2009 publication of business deals he landed, including one with the US government.

Last summer, Abbas the younger made headlines for calling the IDF a “Nazi army” in an interview with Palestinian television.

Donating blood at a Palestinian hospital in July 2014, while Israel and Hamas were locked in battle in the Gaza Strip, Abbas’s son said “Israel can defend itself with tanks, planes and the Iron Dome, and what about us? Israel is shooting at [civilians’] homes. That’s a crime. Israel is behaving like the Nazis and the IDF is a Nazi army.”

“So far, many of our people have died. What people can tolerate such a thing?” he asked, according to Channel 2.

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