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Gideon and Noa Chiell, 24 & 27: Siblings with matching tattoos

Hebrew phrase ‘There’s no such thing as impossible,’ has since been tattooed on additional family. Siblings were murdered at the Supernova rave, October 7

Siblings Gideon and Noa Chiell, murdered together by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova rave on October 7, 2023. (Courtesy)
Siblings Gideon and Noa Chiell, murdered together by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova rave on October 7, 2023. (Courtesy)

Noa Chiell, 27, and Gideon “Gidi” Chiell, 24, were murdered by Hamas terorrists at the Supernova festival on October 7.

They were considered missing for nine days until their bodies were finally identified.

The siblings, from the small northern town of Ahuzat Barak, are survived by their parents, Aviela and Sagui, and a brother, Harel. Noa was slated to start a master’s degree program this fall and Gidi was the founder of “Radio Berlin,” which organized parties and raves in Tel Aviv with international DJs.

Their aunt, Tzviya Chiell, told Ynet news that “despite their age gap they were very close to each other. They both loved music festivals and went down there with friends to the party.”

Tzivya said the murders of Noa and Gideon “have left the family destroyed.” She noted that both of the siblings had a tattoo in Hebrew that read, “There’s no such thing as impossible,” something that was written on the gravestone of their grandfather.

Several members of the family have since gotten the same tattoo on their arm to memorialize the slain siblings.

That sentence, she said, has become like a last will and testament for the family: “We will break and we will rise again, break and rise again, until we rise, because there is no such thing as impossible.”

Gideon’s girlfriend, Alina Vorko, wrote on Instagram about how they recently moved in together but would never get to experience so many things together.

“We never got to slouch on the sofa and watch a movie. We never got to prepare a normal dinner together, to listen to music, to dance and be happy, just you and me,” she wrote. “We worked so hard on our home together, but we never got to start our lives together like we wanted and planned.”

“You taught me how to live, what it is to really live, I changed so much thanks to you, you made me a better person from day to day,” Vorko added. “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person than you. You are the first and forever love of my life, true unconditional love with no boundary — the universe gave me too good of a gift, and took it away too quickly.”

Noa’s roommate, Lior Shemesh, eulogized her on social media, writing, “My Noa, my sister, who always stood by me, was first to arrive when I needed her, whether my heart was broken or if I just didn’t want to drive to work alone.”

“My Noa, a role model, keeper of secrets, partner in nonsense, in dancing, a true unconditional friend… I love you my Noa, I will miss you forever.”

Their younger brother, Harel, wrote on Instagram about his relationship with each of his slain siblings.

“My Noa’le… I miss your voice so much, I keep asking myself where you are so that you’ll come and annoy me like you loved so much… come and embarrass me like always,” he wrote.

“You don’t understand how much I miss you and Gidi. I feel empty, lacking, it’s so hard,” wrote Harel. “Please come and annoy me, even just a little, even just one more time.”

To Gidi, Harel wrote, “Since I was a kid you accompanied me and taught me everything, there are not a lot of big brothers like that… I miss our conversations where we would sit at the coffee bar on the balcony or just on the phone and you would tell me about your dreams, and ask me how I was.”

“I was so proud of you and would say everywhere I went how much of a champion you were, everyone I met I would ask them if they knew ‘Radio Berlin,'” Harel recalled. “You’re my role model and always will be, and I admire you on levels I don’t think anyone will understand.”

“The amount of things you accomplished was unbelievable, to you sleep was just a recommendation,” Harel added. “You proved to the world that ‘there is no such thing as impossible’… whenever things are hard I tell myself that Gidi would never give up, and would prove to everyone that ‘there is no such thing as impossible.'”

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