Jon Stewart says: Don’t worry
Iran isn't serious?Iran isn't serious?

Jon Stewart says: Don’t worry

Tehran isn’t planning to nuke Tel Aviv, Daily Show host assures us all

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (screen capture)
Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (screen capture)

Following hard on Obama, Netanyahu and all, Jon Stewart – miffed, perhaps, at not being invited to AIPAC — is now weighing in on the Iran nuke issue.

And complex and nuanced though others may find it, The Daily Show host has no doubts: The GOP candidates are only talking up war scenarios because it’s an election year. “Iran knows not to take those guys seriously,” he asks, right?

“Talk of war isn’t really meant for you,” he assures the ayatollahs, “it’s meant for Florida” — you know, the swing state with the “old Jews” and the “young Christians.”

As for Israel, he’s definitive here too. “I know being called a cancerous Zionist tumor is upsetting,” he allows, comparing the threats from Tehran to some of the critiques he’s had to endure, poor fellow.

But no worries. The intelligence services may be unsure, but Stewart is confident: “I don’t think Iran is really gearing up to nuke Tel Aviv.”

So that’s all right then.

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