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Buy Threads Followers: Discover the 4 Best Sites (Tried & Tested)

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When you see online reviews of any product it’s often difficult to know who wrote them or where they came from. For all you know, the reviews were written by the companies selling the product.

Who can you trust?

Well, you can trust me. My name is Sam Shaw, and I regularly use the products I’m reviewing in this article. In fact, I depend on the products — because I’m a social media influencer who’s accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to the engagements I’ve bought from social media providers.

That gives me the perfect background to review sites that sell Threads followers.

If you don’t know much about Threads, it’s the Twitter challenger that’s caused quite a stir. Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram honcho Mark Zuckerberg launched Threads early in July 2023, and in its first week, the platform signed up nearly half the number of users that post daily on Twitter. Even Threads parent company Meta didn’t think that was possible.

How can I be an expert on Threads providers when it’s such a new site? Well, I’ve already started growing my presence on the platform by purchasing followers. Even more importantly, though, the same techniques that allowed me to become an Instagram influencer work perfectly on Threads.

Here’s the simple explanation. When Instagram built Threads, it used the same algorithms to determine which accounts are popular enough to justify giving their content additional exposure. That means the growth strategies that work on Instagram will automatically work on Threads as well.

And the most important way to boost your account on either service is to purchase real followers.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the word “real.” Few social media providers have had enough time to create systems that can deliver followers with real accounts on Threads. The majority simply deliver “fake” followers that aren’t linked to a Threads account. That makes it easy for the algorithms to detect and delete them, and possibly boot you from the platform.

How do my recommended Threads services manage to provide real followers (as well as likes and reposts)? I’ll get into that, along with lots more details about Threads interactions, in a bit.

First, though, let’s get to my list of the four best growth services that sell real Threads followers.

4 Top Sites to Buy Threads Followers: Twicsy, Buzzoid, Rushmax & ThreadsBoost

1. Twicsy— The Best Threads Provider

I consider lots of factors when choosing a social media provider. The key one, though, is how well their engagements work — and Twicsy passes that test with flying colors.

I’ve used Twicsy followers extensively to build my Instagram presence and become an IG influencer, and the reason I’ve stayed with them for so long is that their interactions work wonders to boost my audience, popularity, and importance.

It was only natural that Twicsy would be the first provider I’d try when I started building up my Threads account, and just their first couple of follower deliveries convinced me I hadn’t made a mistake. When I bought 100 followers, I added almost 100 new, organic ones. The same thing happened when I purchased 250 Twicsy followers; another 250+ users decided to follow me.

Of course, I wouldn’t have dreamed of using Twicsy if they didn’t deliver real, high-quality engagements. They never use bots to create fake followers; all of their follows are from real Threads users with real accounts on the platform. I also like their option to upgrade to “active” followers who post regularly and carry more weight with the system’s algorithms.

Twicsy offers the same variety for Threads that they do for Instagram: eight real follower packages (and eight more with active followers), starting at 100 interactions and running all the way up to 20,000 followers. Their prices are reasonable, their delivery is fast (as is their streamlined ordering process), and their helpful support team is always available.

I’ve never found a better Instagram service than Twicsy, and their Threads followers are the best you can buy.


2. Buzzoid— My Reliable Backup

You’re probably wondering “Why would you need a backup if Twicsy is so good?” The question makes sense, but experience has taught me that using several high-end social media services helps to build my account’s presence. I’m not sure why, but my guess is that the algorithms like seeing a mix of followers from several different providers’ networks.

Buzzoid was always my “second” choice when I wanted to vary my Instagram followers, and early indications are that they’ll fill the same role for me on Threads. I’ve bought their smaller packages; the followers are all real and high-quality, and while they don’t provide quite the same growth that Twicsy followers do, they work very, very well.

Buzzoid’s robust lineup of Threads follower packages is priced around the same level as Twicsy’s, they offer the option to upgrade to “premium” followers (similar to Twicsy’s active ones), and everything else about the service is up to par. The only disappointment was that their delivery can take hours instead of minutes, but I’m guessing they’ll remedy that in short order.

Buzzoid isn’t the best Threads service on the Internet, but it’s close.


3. Rushmax— A Strong Alternative

Rushmax’s followers have done a nice job for me on Instagram when I’ve looked for alternative providers to vary my sources of followers, and so far, it’s the same story for my new Threads account. That doesn’t mean they’re as good as Twicsy or Buzzoid, but Rushmax is still far better than any of the other services I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot).

Needless to say, the followers are all real Threads users with real accounts. I’d never use them if they weren’t. Delivery is quick, pricing is fair, and the customer experience is at the same level provided by my top two choices. I was a bit surprised that Rushmax doesn’t offer the 20,000-follower packages that both Twicsy and Buzzoid can deliver, but they say they’re working on it.

Rushmax does a nice job and is worth a long look when you’re buying Threads followers.


4. ThreadsBoost

ThreadsBoost doesn’t have the Instagram experience of my first three choices, so they’re building a network of real Threads followers from scratch. And so far, their growth has been impressive. Their followers are high-quality and the first package I bought from them boosted my visibility and organic growth nicely. Their prices, services, and support are good, too.

Since they’re working with a smaller network right now, the largest number of followers they can deliver is just 1,000 — but I have no doubt they’ll continue to grow and eventually challenge the likes of Twicsy, Buzzoid, and Rushmax.

FAQ: Best Sites to Buy Threads Followers

Is Threads Worth the Investment?

It sure looks like it, and that’s why I’m already building my fan base on the platform.

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter and began changing the way it operates, a huge number of long-time Twitter users have been searching for a viable alternative. They’ve tried sites like Mastodon and Post, but it’s not easy creating and running a large-scale site similar to Twitter. Most people who tried those options were dissatisfied.

Enter Mark Zuckerberg. Since he already ran Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, he had the experienced staff and technical backbone to open yet another social media service. Threads was created by Instagram using the same infrastructure and algorithms as Insta, so the platform hasn’t had the same issues with programming or capacity that plagued other Twitter wannabes.

It appears that Zuckerberg (who doesn’t like Musk and jumped at the chance to compete with him) has a winner. In less than a week of operation, and with many of the site’s features not enabled yet, Threads signed up more than 100 million users. That’s almost 50% of the number of people who use Twitter daily.

The social media industry landscape shifts rapidly, so there’s no way to know if Threads will become the go-to choice of political, media, and entertainment figures who have made Twitter their home for years. The chances seem good, though, which is why influencers like me are already working to boost our profiles and importance on Threads.

Here’s one more reason why it’s the right time to take a chance on the platform: it’s so new that it doesn’t have many power users yet. All of the people who’ve signed up for it since early July weren’t following anyone — so there’s a pretty level playing field. If you can get your posts in front of a large audience right now, you have an excellent chance of gaining tons of followers.

Why Does Buying Threads Followers Help?

It’s because of the way that the Threads algorithms work.

So much content is posted on the platform every day that most of it has little chance of being seen widely. Determining which posts deserve greater exposure is one of the algorithms’ primary jobs.

The Threads (and Instagram) systems are designed to prioritize posts from popular users. In short, the more followers you have, the more visibility your content receives.

So the goal of influencers like me — and anyone who wants to boost their importance on the platform — is to make the algorithms think that I’m gaining new fans. Every time I purchase Threads followers, it looks like I’m becoming more popular. The system rewards me by showing my posts to a larger audience.

That’s the key. I need more people to see my content so they can like my posts, repost them, and decide to follow my Threads account. When I buy followers, I’m really buying the visibility I need to accumulate new organic followers and power my growth on Threads.

Why Does It Matter Where You Buy Threads Followers?

All followers aren’t created equal.

As I mentioned above, an enormous number of social media vendors sell “fake” followers. They’re essentially created out of thin air with the help of bots and they’re just numbers that temporarily inflate your Threads follower count, not real people who’ve clicked the “follow” button.

There are two huge problems with fake followers.

Here’s the first. The system knows they’re fake because they’re not connected to real Threads accounts. They’ll be removed almost immediately from your follower count, and they won’t convince the algorithms to give your posts any extra visibility. You’ve just wasted money buying them.

The second problem is more serious: Threads may penalize or delete your account completely since buying fake engagements is against the platform’s terms and conditions. Instead of boosting your audience, you may end up with no audience at all.

The only engagements that will increase your exposure on Threads are the real followers, likes, and reposts delivered by reputable providers.

Where Do Trustworthy Services Get Real Followers?

Unlike the scammers who simply set up bots to generate fake followers, reputable providers have put in a lot of work.

They’ve built huge networks of Threads users who are ready to follow customers’ accounts (or like and repost their content) as soon as an order is placed. These users are all real people with real Threads accounts so they’re not violating any of the platform’s rules by following you, and you’ll never be penalized for purchasing their engagements.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right social media service to deliver your Threads followers. Use a reputable one and you’ll see your popularity and growth soaring. Use the wrong one and your account could disappear the same day you order.

How Can Providers Deliver Real Threads Followers If the Platform Is So New?

That’s a smart question, and there’s an interesting answer.

One of the decisions Zuckerberg made when creating Threads was to require all users to sign up by using their Instagram accounts. If they don’t have one, they have to sign up for Instagram before they join Threads.

That hurdle may be annoying for some people but it creates even more Instagram users — which was probably one of the reasons the decision was made. The other reason was that it didn’t require the company to set up an entirely new database to keep track of Threads users; they can use the already-existing Instagram database.

And for reputable Instagram service providers, the decision was a welcome one.

They had already built huge networks of real IG users who were used to deliver follows, likes, and views for the service’s Instagram clients. In order to create huge networks of real Threads users, all they had to do was have those same users sign up for Threads with their existing Insta accounts.

That means the best Instagram providers were set up to deliver large numbers of Threads followers, likes, and reposts on the first day the platform was opened to the public. It might seem impossible to believe that any service can already provide real followers on Threads, but a few of them can. They’d done all of the necessary work ahead of time.

How Do I Choose a Reputable Threads Provider?

I could say just look for one that delivers real Threads followers, likes and reposts, but that isn’t always easy. Many vendors who sell Threads engagements lie about them, saying they’re selling real followers when they’re actually using bots.

The best approach is to find a successful Instagram service that’s been operating for years and has started offering Threads interactions as well. They’re the providers who are most likely to be capable of delivering real Threads followers, likes, and reposts.

Even easier: use one of the four recommended services I’ve highlighted in this review. All of them have offered high-quality, effective Instagram engagements for years, all have made huge contributions to my status as an IG influencer — and I’m using all of them to do the same thing for me on Threads.

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