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How GamStop Tools May Affect Israelis?

Gambling is a widely spread activity. Foremost, this is treated as a type of entertainment. However, if you’re not being careful, it can quickly grow into an addiction. It’s not unknown that gambling can cause massive financial issues and even bankruptcy.

Because of this, some countries like Israel have completely prohibited online gaming. Yet, many Israelis gamble at nonStopCasinos sites based inside offshore countries. To help them in the process of recovery, self-exclusion schemes like GamStop have made it easy for them to register and block their online casino presence. Follow this article to learn how this gambling blocking tool can help players from Israel.

About GamStop Network

Created in 2018, GamStop is a free self-exclusion tool that helps players block their entrance to online casinos. Israeli players in the UK can use this online tool, but you should note that GamStop refers only to UK-based casinos. This blocker works with UKGC to stop players from overusing their free time on gambling and turning it into an addiction. It does so by locking your information from any online casino that is registered in the UK.

The period for which you’re blocked is determined by you upon your registration. As a free tool, you simply need to provide your personal information and choose whether you’d want to stay locked for 6 months or up to 5 years. It’s important to know that once you list yourself on GamStop you can cancel the registration. So, you’d have to wait for the period to end in order to get back to gambling activities.

The Benefits of GamStop for the Israeli Gambling Industry

Because the Israeli government criminalises online gaming, it naturally doesn’t provide any type of gambling blocker. But, Israeli players can still register at GamStop and get banned from all online casinos licensed in the UK. GamStop is a powerful tool that helps players get back on track. There are several advantages to this tool. Here are the most important ones:

May Speed Up Gambling Legislation
The main point of GamStop is to help players stop gambling when it oversteps the limit of fun. The intention of this activity has always been only for entertainment purposes, which is what GamStop is trying to return.

Considering that the Israeli government doesn’t allow any form of gambling, giving this option to them may lead to the slow legalisation of gambling. If players have the chance to stop online gambling at any moment by using a self-exclusion tool, then the government has no reason to withhold this type of entertainment activity from them.

Reduce Gambling Harm
As mentioned, GamStop primarily works on stopping players from cultivating a bad habit. Many gamblers don’t pay attention to the harm being done to them or society in general. This self-exclusion tool aims to reduce that harm and help the player get back to simply enjoying their stay on an online gaming site. Because Israeli players don’t have a governmental scheme for online gambling, GamStop is an excellent way for them to time out themselves.

Educate About Gambling
It’s not just about stopping players from entering gambling sites. GamStop continuously works on spreading the word about gambling harm and the dire consequences it can have. To do this, it has teamed up with banks, football teams, and even the UK government’s gambling licensing body – UKGC.

The Benefits of Gambling Legalisation

Making online gaming legal in a country doesn’t just help the players in asking for help when they see that this activity has grown into a problem. It also aids the overall economy of the country, hence its people as well. Below are given several advantages that the legalisation of gambling can have:

Taxes for Government
Because all people must pay taxes on their monetary gains, naturally players would have to do so too. For every win they make, the government can pose a separate percentage and tax that income. In 2020/21, the UK government has made £2.8 billion in taxes from both online and land-based casinos.

Additional Jobs for Citizens
Regardless if it’s online or land-based, opening up a casino means that there are new job spaces that need to be filled. Online casinos require people to maintain the site as well as those that would monitor the games, i.e. dealers. This applies even more to brick-and-mortar ones. Moreover, some players can grow into professional gamblers and make this activity their primary source of income.

Tourism Purpose for Foreigners
Some cities like Las Vegas or Atlanta in the US are known as gambling places. People from all over the world turn up here to try and spin the reels or play a few rounds of table games. Gambling can present a great way to bring more tourists into the country. Besides, these places also offer luxury hotels and spas, which only adds to the experience.


The laws of Israel strictly forbid any type of gambling. There are only two forms of gambling that are allowed. However, many Israelis still practice this activity in offshore casinos. This is why it is important for them to have a safety net – considering the government can’t allow one because of its laws.

All Israeli players that think they may have developed a gambling habit can register to GamStop and lock their entrance to UK-registered online casinos. This tool can help them in their “withdrawal” process and bring back the time of enjoyment

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